Native American Activists March, Rally In Rapid City On Independence Day


      Hundreds of Native American activists held a protest march in Rapid City on the 4th of July to bring attention to what they called injustices in the community.

The event was entirely peaceful and ended with a rally at the Rapid City Public Safety Building.

      The protesters’ demands included reform in law enforcement agencies and in how schools are policed after what some said was a brutal year for the Native American community. 

      Protester Tom Swiftbird gave Black Hills Fox TV a verbal list of changes they’d like to see, starting with an end to the killing of indigenous people by police and the overcriminalization of protests. 

      Swiftbird said they’d also like to see security resource officers out of the schools and more support for native children in the schools including more solutions just beyond criminalizing them.” 

     When the march reached the Public Safety Building, many participants turned to the jail to pray for those inside to help instill hope in some of the inmates

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