Nebraska Attorney General’s Office Issues Consumer Alert Regarding Scam Text Messages for SunPass Toll Roads


The Nebraska Attorney General’s Office is issuing a Consumer Alert involving a text scam concerning toll roads that is circulating in Nebraska. 

Nebraskans are receiving texts claiming they must pay an outstanding balance for a SunPass toll road to avoid a $50 penalty. The text contains a link to make a payment. Do not click on the link.

Please note that the Nebraska Department of Transportation verifies that there are no toll roads in Nebraska. There is only one toll bridge in Plattsmouth, Nebraska. Nebraskans may have traveled to other states for work or holidays where there are existing toll roads, but be alert to a false text message.

To protect yourself:

  • Don’t click on links or download files provided in unsolicited messages.
  • Verify the source by contacting the organization directly through information provided on their website.
  • Do not provide personal or financial information in response to unsolicited messages, emails, or phone calls.
  • Block the number sending the text and delete the message. 
  • If you clicked any link or provided personal information, make sure you dispute any unfamiliar charge and take efforts to secure your financial accounts

The technique is known as “smishing,” a combination of “SMS” (“short message service” or what is commonly known as text) and the scam technique known as “phishing”—smishing attempts to trick people into downloading malware, sharing sensitive information, or sending money to cybercriminals.

Contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Affairs Response Team at 402-471-2682 or visit our consumer website at

Example Scam Message