Noem Issues 3 More Vetoes


       South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has now signed 126 bills from the current legislative session and issued 4 vetoes. 

    One veto has been upheld and override attempts could be made on the others in 2 weeks on the 27th, the last day of the session dubbed Veto Day.

      Three of the vetoes came Thursday, the last day of the main run of the session. Noem cited.concerns that each could have unintended consequences that would make their impact much wider planned..

      SB 129 would treat teachers and school employees who are assaulted while carrying out their official duties the same as law enforcement officers 

      Noem said the bill could lead other occupations to ask for special treatment, but isn’t needed because “South Dakota already has a strong and fair criminal justice system, and school districts have robust disciplinary policies.

       SB 108 is the “sip and spit” bill allowing underage students to consume small amounts of alcohol as part of specific college classes.

      Noem said the bill’s language is too vague and “does nothing to limit the sale, service, or consumption of alcohol to specific class locations or specific class times,” possibly opening the way to more drinking.

     She’s also worried that it would make it more difficult for law enforcement officers to determine if a minor found with alcohol on their breath or in their system had consumed it legally. 

    HB 1193 adopts a definition of money that specifically excludes cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. Noem said the bill would make it more difficult to use cryptocurrency and put South Dakota citizens at a business disadvantage.

     Noem has consistently advanced an “Open for Business” approach to the economy, emphasizing individual Freedom and personal responsibility – including the ways in which individuals choose to make transactions in a free-market economy.