Noem Says Cellphone Hacked, Blames House Jan 6 Committee


   South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem said Monday that her personal cell phone number has been hacked and she blamed it on the release of her Social Security number amid the hundreds of documents the House Jan. 6 committee released last year.

      Noem said in a written statement that her personal cell phone number had been linked to hoax calls and she wanted anyone receiving such a call from her number to know she had nothing to do with it.

       Noem said that South Dakota’s Fusion Center, a state agency that compiles criminal intelligence, has been notified of the cell phone hack.

       The Jan 6 committee report failed to redact some 2,000 social security numbers from White House visitor logs for Dec 2020, and Noem late last week blasted what she called the “leak” of her personal information. 

         She wrote letters urging Congress and Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate the release, that added in her statement Monday “Callous mishandling of personal information has real world consequences.”

     . Noem’s office did not offer specific evidence that the release of her personal information led to the phone hack.

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