Pillen Issues Executive Order Narrowing Definitions Of Male And Female.


     Nebraska’s Jim Pillen is the second governor in the country to sign an executive order directing state agencies to use narrow definitions of a person’s sex.  

     Oklahoma Gov Kevin Stitt, like Pillen a conservative Republican, adopted similar rules through executive order earlier this month. 

     Both orders define “female” and “male” as a person’s sex assigned at birth with specific definitions for both.

     A female as a person “whose biological reproductive system is designed to produce ova” and a male as one whose “biological reproductive system is designed to fertilize the ova of a female.”

     Both state orders also direct schools and other state agencies to use those definitions when collecting vital statistics, such as data on crime and discrimination.

      Pillen’s order took effect immediately and will expire if and when the Legislature passes a law on transgender athletes. 

    The order doesn’t use the term “transgender,” but appears to be directed at limiting transgender access to certain public spaces. 

      Pillen says it’s common sense that men don’t belong in women-only spaces, citing prisons and bathrooms as examples.

       He goes on to say it’s his duty as governor “to protect our kids and women’s athletics, which means providing single-sex spaces for women’s sports, bathrooms, and changing rooms.”

22 thoughts on “Pillen Issues Executive Order Narrowing Definitions Of Male And Female.”

  1. So now pillen is the authority to define male and female. Common sense and the Bible is the authority. In the beginning God made them male and female Genesis 1. Don’t need “biological” definition!

  2. It’s really weird that the people are claim to be pro-life are also the people who deny the existence of intersex people…. that is people, as uncommon as they may be, are born with reproductive anatomy that doesn’t fit the boxes of female and male. These “pro-life people” deny the life of intersex individuals.

  3. So if you’ve had a vasectomy, you’re no longer a male since your “biological reproductive system” is no longer, in the present tense, designed to fertilize the ova of a female. And what does “produce” an egg mean? Like I produce my ID from my wallet, the egg must come on out, because then women past menopause are not female. Or produce as in “to create” an egg, because once a fetus has passed that point, their system is no longer designed to create eggs.

    We have a nice college in town, go sit in on a human biology class, your will quickly learn that gender and biological sex characteristics are NOT the same thing.

  4. Not opposed to Pillens move but people should read Charlotte iserbyt’s book, The deliberate dumbing down of America and watch the movie Idiocracy. Both very relevant to the time we are living!

  5. So, someone says “libtard” that passes moderation, but I leave a reply with a link about intersex people from Cleveland Clinic, and that don’t pass moderation…..

    • Including links in comment will get your post flagged as spam every time. We get over 1000 real spam comments per week and they always contain links. We do not take time to review every comment that gets flagged as spam, they just all get deleted.

  6. I grew up in Chadron, but I moved away years ago. It is fascinating to come back and take a look at Chadrad every now and then.

    Trans and non-binary people make up roughly 1% of the US population. Why so much hate? Why spend so much energy trying to put such a small group of people down?

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