Pillen Issues Pro-Israel, Anti-Semitism Proclamation, Plan


    Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen has unveiled a whole-of-government strategy to fight antisemitism and show the state’s continued support for Israel.

     Pillen issued a suit of actions to condemn surging antisemitism, enhance public safety and re-emphasize the State of Nebraska’s strong support for the State of Israel as it defends itself against what he calls “barbaric Iran-backed terrorism.” 

     Pillen said “Nebraskans have stood in strong support of Israel” since the Hamas attack, adding that “Now more than ever, we must recommit our support for America’s greatest ally.”

    Pillen issued a proclamation that condemns antisemitism and unequivocally reaffirms the State of Nebraska’s support for the safety and security of Israeli civilians and Nebraska’s Jewish communities.

      It specifically condemns public statements and demonstrations that seek to normalize or justify terrorist violence and support for Hamas, and it denounces statements by any politician or activist which seek to draw what he calls a false equivalence between the Hamas attacks and Israel’s military response.

     Pillen has designated Lt Governor Joe Kelly as liaison between Nebraska’s Jewish and other faith communities and law enforcement to ensure that as security threats against those communities emerge, they are channeled to and addressed promptly by the appropriate officials. 

      Pillen has also told the State Personnel Division to review all anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training provided to state public servants to ensure Jewish identity and antisemitism are sufficiently covered by that training.