Poll Shows Gov’s Race A 3-Way Statistical Tie

     A new poll shows a statistical 3-way tie in the Republican primary for governor between agribusinessman Charles Herbster, University of Nebraska Regent Jim Pillen, and State Senator Brett Lindstrom.

     The Nebraska Examiner obtained the results of a poll done for Lindstrom by 3D Strategic Research, who surveyed 500 likely GOP primary voters by cell phone and landline April 10-12.

      The results put Lindstrom and Pillen each at 27% and Herbster at 23%, but the poll has a 4.38% margin of error and all 3 candidates fall within that range. Former State Senator Theresa Thibodeau is 4th at 6%.

       Polling March 30 for Pillen put Herbster at 28%, Piller 23%, Lindstrom 23%, and Thibodeau at 3%. 

      It’s been an expensive race. A Lindstrom memo said Herbster had spent $4.2-million dollars, Pillen $3-million, and Lindstrong $1.1-million with April TV ad buys of more than $500,000 for Herbster and Pillen, $432,000 of Lindstrom.

      The new Lindstrom poll was taken before last Thursday’s blockbuster accusation by 8 women, including State Senator Julie Slama, that Herbster had fondled or kissed them without their permission.

     Accusations continue to fly back-and-forth. A group of 22 leading Republicans, including Panhandle Senators Tom Brewer of Gordon and Steve Erdman of Bayard, released a letter of support for Herbster on Monday. 

      In it, they call the timing of the accusations “very curious” and question why it took 2 or 3 years for some of the women to make them. They also calls it attempted “character assassination” and a result of “cancel culture.”

      Gov Pete Ricketts, who’s blasted Herbster ever since the ardent Donald Trump supporter entered the race, used a signing ceremony news conference Monday to again call on Herbster to apologize to the women, “seek help,” and drop out of the race.

       Ricketts said he believes the women and thinks the original story in the Nebraska Examiner is “probably one of the most well-researched, corroborated articles I’ve ever seen on this topic.”