Rapid City Chosen For $250-M Nickel-Zinc Battery Plant

      A Missouri-based nickel-zinc battery manufacturer has selected Rapid City for a new $250-million dollar plant with up to 400 employees to start and the potential to expand to up to 1,250 jobs.

       Æsir Technologies chose Rapid City over more than 20 other communities for the gigafactory, including San Antonio and Tucson. 

      Quality of life, a hard working and loyal workforce, access to decision makers, and a business-friendly climate were all given as key deciding factors in selecting Rapid City.

      The new plant will produce nearly two-billion-watt hours of batteries per year to provide backup power for the data center and 5G network markets, which have traditionally used lead-acid batteries and more recently lithium ion batteries.  

      The company’s existing plant in Joplin, MO, is working with the Navy and Air Force to develop nickel-zinc technology for submarines and missiles.       

Matt Brunner, Economic Development Director of Elevate Rapid City, says the “level of hi-tech manufacturing Æsir is bringing will forever change the economic landscape (and) encourage continued growth and innovation by complementary businesses” in the Black Hills region.