Ravnsborg Reaches Out-Of-Court Settlement To End Wrongful Death Suit


       South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg has reached an out-of-court settlement with the widow of the man he hit with his car last September.

        Jenny Boever had threatened to file a wrongful death lawsuit, but will now drop it. Both sides confirmed the deal Thursday, but would not disclose details. 

       A spokesman for Ravnsborg says the settlement happened quickly and there will not be any civil suits β€œor anything else.”

        55-year old Joe Boever was walking on the shoulder of a highway near Highmore at night when he was hit by Ravnsborg, who eventually pleaded No Contest to a pair of traffic misdemeanors. 

         Ravnsborg was given no jail time and just $1,000 in fines, although he also has to pay over $3,700 in court costs. 

       The South Dakota House will consider in November whether to begin impeachment proceedings against him.