Recall Petition Now Circulating, Dawes Co Comm Vic Rivera Calls Allegations False And Unfounded


     A recall petition is now being circulated against Dawes County Commissioner District 2 Vic Rivera. 

      Petitioner Taylor Wohlers of rural Crawford filed the petition earlier this month and Rivera released a formal statement last week saying he would fight the recall effort and calling the allegations “false and unfounded.”

       Dawes County Clerk Cheryl Feist prepared petitions for signatures that include both the accusations from Wohlers and Rivera’s defense. Wohlers has 30 days to gather the signatures of at least 207 registered voters – 35% of Rivera’s total last November.  

     Wohlers says Rivera should be removed from office for “mismanagement of operations of District 2, interfering with relationships with present and past employees, and dereliction of duties. 

     Rivera says “it is apparent that the complaint does not have an understanding of the actual duties of the commissioners” or that they must “understand all sides before making a decision.”

     Rivera says County Road Superintendent “manages the operations of all districts” while the commissioners “contribute by setting the budget, purchasing machinery, and by general ideas.”

     Rivera, who was uncontested for a 3rd team in the general election after defeating Travis Nitsch in the Republican primary, also says “communications with county employees is vital to ensure safety and productivity.”

     If Wohlers turns in his petitions, Feist will have 15 days to verify that at least 207 of the signatures are from registered voters in District 2.       

      If there are enough signatures, the county commissioners will set a recall election for no more than 21 days later. The county will be responsible for the costs of the election.

12 thoughts on “Recall Petition Now Circulating, Dawes Co Comm Vic Rivera Calls Allegations False And Unfounded”

  1. The complainants should have done a little research on their subjects before coming forward with a recall petition. This will cost the county an inordinate amount of money that is not necessary!

  2. If there wasn’t a reason for the recall there wouldn’t be one. Personal feelings aside there’s issues that need to be dealt with and handled accordingly. If Vic would let Wade do his job and not interfere with the shops then maybe things wouldn’t be like they are. And this is just the tip of the iceberg that he tries to micromanage. I haven’t seen a weed sprayer all summer let along a grader but once.

  3. The biggest problem with the county roads department is they don’t pay enough to the operators. Finding and being able to keep qualified operators and truck drivers is very difficult. Once the county is able to get someone hired it should be a top priority to continue their training and have them feeling good about the people they are working for. There seems to be an underlying feeling of resentment and turmoil in the district 2 shop. It’s obvious from what is going on that people are not happy with the present leaders. These feelings are a direct result of mismanagement and not having a positive relationship with the employees.
    These problems would not be going on if Vic and the district 2 supervisor had the skills to communicate in a positive manner and manage in appropriate ways. It’s obvious that a change is needed. People need to put egos and feeling aside and do what is best for the community and residents of district 2.

  4. Earl,
    I do agree with you. But when it comes down to ongoing training and employee relations, Wade is the main source, not Vic. Wade is still relativity new to the county, even though he had worked for the city. He doesn’t know his place, and honestly never did. If you get rid of Vic, get rid of Wade. Wades only making matters worse.

  5. You’re making Wade out to be the Victim to which he is not. The truth will prevail, Wade will hopefully be held accountable as with Vic.

  6. Incompetence and ignorance run rampant everywhere. Look at our local infrastructure and one will soon draw the conclusion something is wrong with public “service” yet taxes keep ever increasing!

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