Renee White Calf

Funeral services for 52-year old Renee White Calf are  Sat, June 11, 2022 at 10:00 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Pine Ridge, SD, with Father Brad Held, S.J., officiating.

Burial is at Holy Rosary Mission Catholic Cemetery in Pine Ridge

A one-night wake service starts Friday, June 10, at 3:00 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Pine Ridge with evening services starting at 7:00

Renee Mae White Calf was born on June 22, 1969 in Pine Ridge, SD to Lindy LaCroix White Calf and Florence Lucille (Richards) White Calf.  Renee M. White Calf made her journey to the Spirit World on May 27, 2022 at the Monument Health Hospital in Rapid City, SD.

Renee is survived by her daughters, Tia Starr White Calf and Mary Rose Lone Elk both of Rapid City, SD; son, Woodrow Ogden Lone Elk of Rapid City, SD; siblings, Sandra Bettelyoun and Raelynn White Calf both of Pine Ridge, SD, Quintin White Calf of Rapid City, SD, and Ruby White Calf of Pine Ridge, SD; grandchildren, Joshlynn Chase Alone and King James Chase Alone; special friend, Leonard; godson, Ansel Barry White Calf; aunties, Mae White Calf and Virginia White Calf; and uncle, Bruce White Calf.

Renee was preceded in death by her parents, Lindy LaCroix White Calf and Florence Richards-White Calf; brothers, LaCroix Lindy White Calf, Ansel Barry White Calf, Irvin Dale White Calf, and Royce Henry White Calf; aunties, Belnita White Calf, Melbeta White Calf, and Cynthia White Calf; cousins, Zoey White Calf, Jimmy White Calf, Dana White Calf, Alan White Calf, and Richard Titus; grandparents, Clarence White Calf and Berdina High Pine; and uncles, Richard White Calf, William White Calf, Isadore White Calf, and Leslie White Calf.

Pallbearers will be Wayne M. Trueblood, Jr., Cody J. Trueblood, Wayne M. Trueblood III, Richard Bettelyoun, Joshua Chase Alone, Aaron Black Water, and Jordon Armigo.

Honorary pallbearers will be Sally Apple, Joshua Chase Alone, Betty Watters & Family, Alvin Janis, Averia Fast Horse & Family, Duane & Justina & Family, Renee Two Bulls, Thelma Backwards, Wendy Bissonette, Priscilla Bad Milk, Gene New Holy, Monica Tyon, Angie Shangreaux & Family, Richard & Patricia Shangreaux, Rhiannon Harvey, Taliah, Delilah & Family, Melissa Iron Cloud & Family, Millie Black Water, Theresa Black Water, Brenda Black Water, Theresa Black Horse, Nanci Cottier, Shannon Poor Bear, Reneeta Poor Bear, Amy Wilson, Autumn Rose Ecoffey, Blanche Richards, Brenda Bad Milk, Howard Bad Milk, Hope Lame, Howard Little Hawk, Mona Little Hawk, Connie Little Hawk, Joni Richards, Kathi Richards, Tammy Stone, Julie Poor Bear, Letoy Tapio, Lula Walking, Marvin Richards, Misty Dillon, Serenity Trueblood, Seth Trueblood, Cherie Bettelyoun & Family, Cole Bettelyoun & Family, Shirley Black Water & Family, Terri Red Feather, Loretta Red Feather, Paulette Ecoffey, Barton Ecoffey, Bruce White Calf, Coy White Calf, Royce White Calf, Raedean White Calf & Family, Tasheena White Calf & Family, Melva White Bull, Devon Red Cloud, Brad Red Cloud, Cheyenne Red Cloud, Kayla Red Cloud, Roman White Calf, Blanche Kills Back, Carmen Cedar Face & Family, Roberta Ecoffey & Family, Sissy Cooley & Family, Marvin & Jackie Richards, Cherish Janis, Julie Tyon, Tina Provost & Family, Paul Siers & Family, Cissy Kills Small & Family, Lisa Dixon & Family, Chris Lone Elk, and All Friends & Relatives. 

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD