Ricketts Again Pushes For Income Tax Reductions


L-R: Bryan Slone; ASL interpreter Frances Beaurivage; Adam Kavan – Kavan Custom Construction; Gov Pete Ricketts, Scott Gubbels

      Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts is making clear again that he wants lawmakers to make cuts to the state income tax this year, arguing that doing so will keep the state competitive. 

     Ricketts argued his case at a news conference Monday, saying controlled spending and rising revenue puts the Legislature in a prime position to deliver tax relief this year. 

       The multi-millionaire governor is backing several proposals, including a faster phase-out of Social Security from income taxes, locking-in existing property tax credits, and lowering the state’s top income tax rate. 

     Ricketts was joined at the Capitol news conference by some of the state’s top business leaders

      Scott Gubbels, Nelnet executive director of Tax and Renewable Energy, said Nebraska’s existing tax rate has made it harder for the company to convince employees at its offices in other, lower-tax states to move to Nebraska

      Nebraska State Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Bryan Slone cited the trend of states lowering their income tax rates across the country, and he emphasized the need for action to keep Nebraska competitive

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