Riverside Discovery Surprise


Sandy, our 21 year old female Scottish Highland Cow, surprised staff on Thursday and delivered a baby bull calf. She had not shown signs of a pregnancy. She had been housed with the male, Rusty, for over 2 years and had not produced a calf before. She was believed to be past reproductive age. Unfortunately, due to Sandy’s age and lack of maternal instincts, the calf is being bottle fed at the present time. The Scottish Highland Cattle have an average life expectancy of 20 years. The calf requires around the clock attention. Riverside Discovery Center staff made the decision to find a home for the young bull calf, due to spatial limitations in the barn exhibit. The zoo is home to four other Scottish highland cattle including a baby born this past summer to mother Ginger. While this was a difficult decision the calf was placed in a home where it will have around the clock feedings, access to veterinary care and the necessary space to grow and thrive.