Robert Jumping Eagle III


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Funeral services for 45-year old Robert Jumping Eagle III are Sat, Dec 11, 2021 at 2:00 at the Wounded Knee District School in Manderson, SD, with Pastor Jeremy Mouw officiating and traditional Lakota services by Mr Mike Little Boy

A two-night wake starts Thursday, Dec 9, 2021 at 1:00, also at the Wounded Knee District School in Manderson, SD.

Burial Service: Jumping Eagle Family Cemetery, Manderson, SD

Robert Lynn Jumping Eagle III “Napikpa Okanko Ozuya” was born on March 25, 1976 in Pine Ridge, SD to Robert Wayne Jumping Eagle and Alvira Twiss. Robert made his journey to the Spirit World on November 28, 2021 near Pine Ridge, SD.
Robert is survived by his mother, Alvira Twiss of Manderson, SD; children, Leanna Jumping Eagle, Robert Jumping Eagle IV, and Layla Clifford; siblings, Denise (Vergil, Jr) Jumping Eagle, John Jumping Eagle, both of Manderson, SD, and Frank (Stephanie) Ghost; niece, Juliana LaBatte; nephews, Faron & Harrison LaBatte; grandchildren, Tayton Jumping Eagle and Ja’Ray Sierra; and the best boxing coach, his uncle Philip Jumping Eagle.
Robert was preceded in death by his father, Robert Wayne Jumping Eagle; brother, Danny Jumping Eagle; niece, Dusti Rose Jumping Eagle; grandparents, Robert Jumping Eagle, Sr., Rebecca Jumping Eagle, and Levi Twiss & Flora Ghost; uncles, Ronald, Henry, & Larry Jumping Eagle, and Rudolph Edward Twiss, Sr., and William “Billy” Jumping Eagle; aunts, Alane Twiss, Phyllis Lyda, Catherine Clifford, and Rhoda Twiss, cousins, Phillip Jumping Eagle, Jr., Roy Jumping Eagle, Robert Hernandez, Sr. and Trinette Hernandez; sister-in-law, Mandy Janis; and boxing coach, Dave Clifford, Sr.
Pallbearers will be Steve Black Tail Deer, Melvin Jumping Eagle, Herman Good Voice, Henry Ghost, Rueben Looks Twice, Oglala Clifford, Harrison LaBatte, Myron Chavez, Jr., Joshua Steele, and Garfield Steele.

Honorary pallbearers will be Nicole Twiss, Julie Whites Eyes &family, Elizabeth Looks Twice & family, Artie Twiss, Marilyn Twiss, Leah Fire Thunder & Family, RaeAnn Respects Nothing & family, Colleen Steele & family, Emma Clifford, Victoria White Hawk Earl Tall & family, Lavonne Mesteth & Family, Betty White Hawk & family, Twiss family, Roberta Spencer & family, Jumping Eagle families, Clifford families, Looks Twice families, Shoulder Families, Ladeaux family, Ghost family, Little Dog family, Sue LaBatte & family, Benardo Rodriguez, Earleen Janis & family, Ryder Sierra, Chissie Spencer, Byron Roach, Florence, Mark, Duane, & Tony Goose & family, Steele family, Apple family, De Leon family, Francine & Antoino Hernandez & family, Blossom Johnson & family, Wakpala Boxing Team, Lonny Ladeaux, Alvin Little Moon, Martin Black Tail Deer, Tyler Laforge & family, Karen “big fish” Brown Bull, Darla Black & family, Dennis Cuny, Robert Brown, John Mosby Little Moon, Thomas Twiss, Karen “Big Fish” Blacksmith, Little Wound High School Class of 1995 and All Friends & Relatives.

Sioux Funeral Home is entrusted with his arrangements.