SD AG: Deadly Force Justified In July 3 Shooting In Sioux Falls


      South Dakota Attorney General Mark Vargo says a Sioux Falls police officer was justified in using deadly force last month against a man who fired a gun at a police drone during a standoff. 

      Vargo says the final report by the Division of Criminal Investigation on the death of 57-year-old Glenn Nisich shows police “exhausted every reasonable option to safely bring Nisich into custody before his statements and actions made it clear that deadly force was required.”

     The July 3rd incident occurred as officers were trying to arrest Nisich and serve a warrant in connection with a fatal shooting a day earlier at a rural Sioux Falls home.

      A standoff resulted and while police were negotiating with Nisich, he fired toward a drone providing surveillance for officers – with the shots traveling an area of occupied homes as well as police marksmen.

     A SWAT team member fired twice in response, hitting Nisich once and killing him. There were no other injuries in the incident.