$32-M Remodel/Expansion Of CSC Math Science Center Of Innovative Learning Now Open


Photo by Daniel Binkard/CSC

      The expanded and remodeled Math Science Building at Chadron State College, officially now the Math-Science Center of Innovative Learning, is open for classes for the first time today. 

     Grand opening and dedication ceremonies for the $32-million dollar project that roughly tripled the effective space of the half-century old structure will be September 7.

      CSC President Dr Randy Rhine says while the building reached “substantial completion” status in June, some areas such as the Geology Museum won’t be ready to open for a while longer. 

      Rhine says faculty members who moved out of the building 2 years ago to offices all across campus have been scrambling to get their new offices and labs ready to go.

Although it was state-of-the-art when it opened 5 decades ago, Rhine says the Math Science building had not been able to keep up with technological advances or the growth in STEM – science, technology, engineering, math – careers.

    Rhine says its reincarnation as the Center of Innovative Learning brings labs up to modern standards with many more stations, provides all classrooms with full internet and IT access, and provides badly needed space for a variety of uses.

Rhine says the architects and the college wanted to retain the history of the building, so areas of the original structure were left visible as part of the renovation.

A major part of the renovation and new construction was the creation of study and gathering areas. 

     Some look like restaurant booths, others balcony patios, and a number with high tables that double as whiteboards. Rhine thinks they’ll attract students from across campus. 

Again, the Grand Opening and Dedication of the Math Science Center of Innovative Learning will be September 7th

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  1. I must be getting old. I was in the first class that used the “old” science building. It was so new some of the pipes in the chem lab weren’t installed. Don Maberry Class of 70/71.

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