SD Medical Association Has Concerns With Medical Pot Program

        Medical marijuana advocates convinced South Dakota voters last November that legalizing the drug for medical use is a good idea, but they are struggling to do the same with many of the state’s physicians. 

       The South Dakota State Medical Association has concerns with the medical pot program – a potential problem because the new law depends on involvement from physicians. 

       An advocate for medical marijuana says reluctance from physicians and health care providers could result in a bumbling rollout of the program that will ultimately hurt patients.  The medical pot constitutional amendment calls for the state to begin the program July 1st. 

       Medical marijuana was also part of a second amendment approved by the voters that legalized both medicinal and recreational use of pot.

      A judge has ruled that amendment as unconstitutional and the South Dakota Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case late last month. The High Court has given no indication when it will issue a decision.