Sewer Extension Contract Awarded To Fuller Construction


      The Chadron City Council has approved a contract with Fuller Construction of Chadron to extend a sewer line on Linden Street south of 6th Street that will serve multiple lots west of Domino’s. 

    Fuller’s bid of just under $57,000 was almost $15,000 less than the only other bidder, Buettner Construction of Hay Springs, and about $1,600 under the engineer’s estimate.

    The difference between the bids by Fuller and Buettner came down to the cost of the 8” concrete pipe that will be used. Fuller expects the pipe to cost about $16,000 less than Buettner does.

      Chadron Building and Zoning Official Janet Johnson says there could be a number of reasons for such a difference such as existing stockpiles, different sales incentives from producers, and volume purchasing for multiple projects at one time.

     There were two other major differences in the bids. Fuller’s estimate on manhole covers was about $6,000 less but Buettner’s estimate for the manholes themselves was $5,500 lower.