Silas High Hawk


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Funeral services for 30-year old Silas High Hawk are Friday, Dec 24, Christmas Eve, at 3:00 at the Rex & Darlis Crow residence, ½ mile North of Loneman School in Oglala, SD, with traditional Lakota services by Peta Catches

Burial is at St Luke’s Cemetery in Sharp’s Corner, SD

A two-night wake service starts Wed, Dec 22, 2021 at 11:30, also at the Rex & Darlis Crow Residence

Silas Lee High Hawk was born on April 3, 1991 in Pine Ridge, SD to Pamela Faith Belt and John Austin Kills Crow Indian-High Hawk. He made his journey to the Spirit World on December 5, 2021 in Portland, OR.

Silas is survived by his mother, Pamela Belt; hunka mother, Leana Belt; children, Jeraldine Shy, John Austin, and Silas Lee Jr.; sister, Heaven (Russell) Ten Fingers; brother, Mason High Hawk; aunts/uncles, Millie Black Bear-Yellow Bear, Frannie Porcupine, Sherie Porcupine, Michelle Belt, Leana Belt, Amy Belt, Lavina Jane High Hawk, Alphonzo Belt, Alton Belt, Hank Belt, Harold Brewer, Sr., David “Bush” Big Crow, and Shawn “Boones” Keith; grandparents, Margaret Belt, Kristen Provost, Virginia Yankton, Marge Spider, Sarah L. Belt, Orlive (Bonnie) Belt, Pedro Sharpfish, and Rev. Robert Two Bulls; cousins, Sarah A. Belt, Elizabeth Lee Belt, Alpohda Belt, Sierra Bettelyoun, Ashley Belt, Keiva Belt, Patricia Keith, Bessie Brewer Savannah Belt, Darlis Crow, Emma Belt, Moungi Mackey, Marlin Eagle Bull, Darlen High Hawk, Wyentt High Hawk, Varine & Bee Iron Boy, Lisa, May, and Ashley High Hawk, Stacie High Hawk, Gracie High Hawk, Charlie “Chuckie” Belt, Alphonzo III, Tevar Belt, Ceasar Bettelyoun, Billie, Louie, and Casey Belt, Brandon Schreiner, Shawn “Broth” Keith, Harold Brewer Jr., Cole Brewer, Dale Martin Jr., Nickolas Big Crow, Allen Mackey, Joseph Keith, John & Urva Quick Bear, Eddie Lays Bad Jr., Gary and Thomas High Hawk, William and Julian High Hawk, Alvin, Mike, and Abe LeBeau, Justina & Ted LaPointe, Marive Iron Boy Jr., Shawn One Horn, Serra, Thomas, and Hank Belt Jr.; numerous nieces & nephews.

Silas was preceded in death by his father, John Austin “Johnny Cakes” High Hawk-Kills Crow Indian; grandparents, Sylvia & William High Hawk-Kills Crow Indian, Alphonzo W. & Sarah Lou Little Soldier-Belt, Emma Sue Belt, Samantha Belt, Hank Belt Jr., Bradley Big Crow, Vincent & Alvina Brewer, James Hollow Horn, Sr., Thomasina and Leona Belt, “Little Floyd” Rouillard, Desmine Spider, Tammy & Tyler Two Bulls, Star & Harland Dreaming Bear, Burgess Little Soldier, Jerry, Halen, Nispey, LaLoni White Face, Edie Macky, Marvin Eagle Bull, Jr., Misty LeBeau, Geraldine and Melvin High Hawk-White Face, Charlotte & Leroy Cutt-High Hawk, Pershing “Shang” High Hawk, Narus High Hawk, Melday Young Bear, Trinity Brave Heart and Lacus Mackey-Apple; and great-grandparents, Samuel & Elizabeth Belt, Etta & Pugh Youngman, Phyllis Faye Dreaming Bear, Vicktor Dreaming Bear, Richard & Florence Ten Fingers, Charlie & Kevia Little Soldier.

Pallbearers will be Harold Brewer, Jr., Cole Brewer, “Bub” Belt, Trevor Belt, Nick Belt, Dale “Scud” Martin Jr., Joe Keith, Shawn Keith, Louie Belt, Kasey Belt, Julian High Hawk, Alvin LeBeaux, Boddy Morrison, Jake Hand, Brandon Schreiner and Kyle Yankton.

Honorary pallbearers will be Chili White Dress & Family, Francine Richards, Julie Richards & Family, Donovan “Ode” Youngman, Brenda Youngman & Family, Yvonne, “Sissy” Crow, Ken, Lisa, Louella, Sandy, Stacie, and Wendell “Jay” Youngman & Families, Evans Youngman, Jr. & Family, Twila, Lori, Robert Jr., Marty and Jim Two Bulls & Families, Harold Dreaming Bear & Family, Wallet Dreaming Bear & Family, “Dixie” Dreaming Bear & Boys, Felecia, DeAmbra, Harlen Jr., Aloysious and Colline Dreaming Bear, Wanda Ten Fingers & Family, Richard “Croc” Ten Fingers, Bill (Connie) Ten Fingers & Family, Tony Ten Fingers & Family, Deloris Ten Fingers & Family, Dennis Ten Fingers & Family, Orrie, Orris, Orin, Robert, Kurt, and Lynette Morrison & Family, Robert White Eyes & Family, Serena Belt, Casey and Clayton Merrill & Family, Chuck Brewer & Family, Dalphia and Leslie Two Bulls & Families, Steven and Eddie Yankton & Families, Robert Spider Jr., Candice Spider, Calvin Spider, Paluni Long Soldier & Family, Mary Jane, Rhonda, Kenny, Elias Lipp & Families, Orlive, David, Davine Morrison & Families, Lavone Belt & Family, Lakota, Latasha, and Roger Belt & Families, Cornell Belt-Tener & Family, Breland Ghost & Family, Little Soldier Families, Harriett Sharpfish & Family, Marinet, Melissa and Avis Sharpfish & Family, Gloria, Myren, Sylvia and Julie Warrior & Families, Lisa Two Bulls & Family, Harold, Pat and Leo Two Bulls & Family, Wayne, Phillip and Dakota Dreaming Bear, “Lil Buzz” Youngman, Leonard Brown Eyes, Jarod Brown Eyes & Family, Ernest Poor Bear, Lone Eagle Singers, Native American Church of Porcupine, Allie & Tim Bad Heart Bull & Family, Roxanne Two Bulls, Darlis (Rex) Crow & Family, Brewer Families, Sherry Clifford & Dave DeSersa, Darile “Gup” Red Shirt, Marvin Gray, Sheena Mousseaux, Todd Janis & Family, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD