Sunday Fire Damages Chadron Home


Photo – Dennis Brown

      The Nebraska State Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating an apparent explosion and fire yesterday that caused major damage to a house in a residential area of Chadron, but resulted in no injuries.

      Chadron Assistant Fire Chief Travis Plooster says the renters of the house called 911 shortly before noon to report they’d heard a loud bang or an explosion in their basement, then had heavy smoke filling the house. All 3 individuals were able to get out safely.

     Chief Plooster says he issued an immediate mutual aid request to Crawford for a pumper truck and rescue unit while rolling out 4 Chadron units for a total of 13 firefighters between the two departments.

      Plooster says when the first firefighters arrived, smoke was coming out of the front of the house – some of it light and some dark and heavy.

    Crews were able to limit structural damage from the fire to the front interior of the house, but with significant damage expected elsewhere from the smoke.

     Plooster says the fire began in the basement and spread to the first floor. An investigator from the Fire Marshal’s Office is still trying to determine the cause of the blaze.