Tamara LaPointe


Funeral services for 45-year old Tamara LaPointe are Sunday, March 5, 2023 at 1:00 at the Wolf Creek School Gymnasium in Wolf Creek, SD, with Pastor Cyrus Black Elk Sr officiating and traditional Lakota services by Rick Gray Grass and Mike Sna Mani Sr.

Burial is at the Wolf Creek Community Cemetery in Wolf Creek. 

A twonight wake service starts Friday, March 3, at 4:30 at the Wolf Creek School Gymnasium.

Tamara Rose LaPointe “Wambli Cangleska Win” was born on January 17, 1978, in Pine Ridge, SD to Weldon LaPointe and Cecelia (Yellow Boy) LaPointe.  Tamara made her journey to the Spirit World on February 19, 2023 at the Monument Health Hospital in Rapid City, SD.

Tamara is survived by her mother Cecelia LaPointe; children Erica & Tyler Two Crow; grandchildren Mila & Weldon Hernandez-Two Crow; sister Deanne Eagle Hawk; brothers Sheldon LaPointe, James LaPointe, Darrin Yellow Boy, Renaldo Two Bulls, Samuel Yellow Boy, and Warren & Mavia Kooyaquaptewa; hunka brothers Julian Bear Runner, William Plenty Arrows, BJ Feather Earring, and Terry Richards; hunka sisters Tracy Wilson and Germaine Garnier; sisters-in-law Mary Yellow Boy and Alisha Patton-Two Bulls; nieces Hailey Two Bulls, and Alissa and Angel Yellow Boy; nephews Aaron Yellow Boy, Daeson Two Bulls, and Zion Yellow Boy; uncles Gillian J Red Bull, Will Peters, Verdal & Clara Bear Saves Life, and Calvin & Allan Yellow Horse; aunts Joy Hill, Faith Yellow Boy, Pauline Wilson, Cis Big Crow, Claudia LaPointe, Angie Roan Eagle, Bonnie, Elizabeth, & Adel Red Bull, Roberta Little Spotted Horse, Nora Roan Eagle, and Tanya Spotted Thunder; grandparents Ernie LaPointe, Cleveland Buckman, and Wilbert Buckman Sr; special friend Bernard Two Bulls; and special companion, her dog Witko.

Tamara was preceded in death by her father Weldon LaPointe; paternal grandparents Claude LaPointe Jr, Effie Loafer Joe; maternal grandparents Eugene Yellow Boy Sr, and Beatrice Little Soldier-Yellow Boy; grandmother and uncle Beatrice and Aloysius Weasel Bear; brothers Patrick Two Bulls and Aaron Jade Yellow Boy; sister Avis Brown-LaPointe; and aunts Rose (Darrell) New and Ella Yellow Boy.

Pallbearers will be Ted LaPointe, Justin LaPointe, Terry Richards, Paul Goings, Jayden High Hawk, Cole Dale Black Crow, Ki’jana Gray Grass, Carlos Basaldua, Will Du Brewer, and Gabe Dreamer Jr.  

Honorary pallbearers will be Black Hills Dialysis Unit, Ambulance Service, 5th Floor ICU Nurses & Doctors, Pine Ridge Dorm Staff, No DAPL Pipeline Protectors, Sacred Hoop 500 Mile Runners, Thunder Lake Sundancers, Prairie Wind Casino, Loretta Afraid of Bear-Cook, Anita Afraid of Bear, Darlene Twiss, Barbara Dull Knife, Cis Beane, Jamal Dickerson, Misty Black Feather, Travis Barden, Elsie Brings Him Back, Erica Buckman, Julie Richards, Bud Beane, Edison Richards, Tia Big Crow, John Autumn, & Wilbur Swift Hawk, Aurelia Good Plume, Evan Fast Horse, Tiny DeCory, Mike Sna Mani Sr & Jr, Stanley & Joni Sna Mani, Shena Sna Mani, Buzzy Barrett, Crystal Siliva & Family, Mike Randall, Sophie Yellow Boy, Marella & April Little Brave, Adel, Nada, & Darrell New, Lee, Tamikia, & Kleo Warner, Betty, Mary Lou, Waylon, Eugene, Waylon Jr, & Dwight Black Crow, Rick & Randi Gray Grass, Lonnie & Jen Little Hoop, Canku Randall, Consetta Riggley, Perry Crow, Darby Steele, Darrell Red Cloud, Francine & Bear Little Bear, Zeralda Walks Out, Rosco Black Feather, Valerie & Harold LaPointe, Francine Black Feather, Lonnie, Rodney, Shala, & Layla Hill, Tay Quinn, Dre’ Backwards, Lynelle Black Water & Family, Jim Charge, George Ray, Gaylon Two Bulls, Patrick & Lisa Two Bulls, Rob & AJ Waters, Corn & Rosie Beane, Leota Red Hawk, Trina Andrews, Hokie Ghost Bear, Norton Porky Little Spotted Horse, Kathy Red Cloud, Juliann Spotted Bear, Joe Picotte Jr & Family, Tom & Reg Rowland, Florence Conroy, Shayna Archambeau, Tonya Stands, Ron Roffers, Stacia Hinn, Wolf Creek Community, and all Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD