Thune Gets Challenger In GOP Primary

        A man who describes himself as a ranch-raised South Dakotan plans to challenge 3-term U-S Senator John Thune in next year’s Republican primary. 

       Mark Mowry doesn’t come from the world of politics. Mowry’s career path includes music, writing, communications and education. 

       Mowry says he believes in a small federal government and fewer federal regulations, managing protests with stronger measures, and tough protections of the nation’s borders. 

      Thune was South Dakota’s lone House member for 3 terms, then was elected to the Senate in 2004. 

     The Minority Whip, the #2 Republican in the Senate, Thune drew the ire of President Trump and his supporters by refusing to accept their unsubstantiated  claims that the presidential election was stolen through voter fraud.