Torey Randall


Funeral services for 29-year old Torey Randall are Monday, September 13, 2021 at 10:00 at the T&T Center in Wanblee, SD, with 

Officiant: Fr. Ron Seminara, S.J., officiant and traditional Lakota services by Mr Richard Moves Camp

Burial is at St Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery in Hisle, SD.

A two-night wake service starts Saturday, September 11, at noon, also at the T&T Center in Wanblee.

Torey Kayann Randall was born on September 28, 1991 in Gordon, NE to Reynold Todd Randall and Linda Brown. Torey made her journey to the Spirit World on September 3, 2021 at the Monument Health Hospital in Rapid City, SD.

Torey is survived by her parents, Reynold Todd Randall and Linda Brown; sons, Lane Blue Legs of Wanblee, SD and Leo Janis, Jr. of Wall, SD; siblings, Tamara Gomez, Samantha Randall, and Tucker Joe Randall, all of Albuquerque, NM, Kassandra Randall of Wall, SD, Rueben Todd Randall of Rapid City, SD, and Tara V. Randall of Wanblee, SD; nieces & nephews, Arden Trask-Randall, Tyler Trask, Jr., Kassidy Randall, Vivian Bissonette, Treyton Bissonette, and Rueben Randall, Jr.; and special friend, Leo Janis of Wall, SD

Torey was preceded in death by her brother, Tyler Randall;  grandparents, Joe “Beef” Randall and Dora Brown; aunts, Ruth Brown-Wright and Valerie Wooden Knife; uncle, Edward Bartlett; and cousins, Dani Randall, Russell Randall, Bradley Randall, Rance Blue Legs, and Lenny Chief Bear.

Pallbearers will be Tia Dull Knife, Courtney Lamont, Robin Yankton, Rebecca Yankton, Angel Yankton, Ariel Richard, TR Nelson, and Brianna Randall.

Honorary pallbearers will be Marie Randall, Wayne (Donna) Randal, Trinity Randall, Dustin Randall, Ron “Beef” (Becky) Randall, Stephanie, Becky, and Brooke Rhyanin, Brandon & Gloria Randall, Ben Rhodd, Jr. & family, Myles Estes, Julia Randall, Anson Randall & family, Gary Blue Legs, Kylie Blue Legs, Taneel & Kelby Randall, Brianna, Amerikis, Rancelyn, and Tabor Randall, Brennan High Horse, Katie & Keion Randall, Joanne Randall, John Wooden Knife, Jr., Agnes Randall, Derek, Daryl, and Jesse Mesteth, Martha (Chris) Rezin Randall-Davis, Edward (Bonnie) Randall & family, Stanley (Sandra) Young, Sr., Jennifer (Young) Richards & family, Algin Young & family, Stanley Young, Jr. & family, Becky (Aldo) Pretends Eagle & family, John Harmdierks, Terri Richard, Cody Veron, Amelia Black Bear, Jeannie Lamont & family, Julie Chipps & Stacy Blue Legs, Antoine Chipps & family, Lois Winters, Tracy Lamont & grandchildren, Shawn Hines, Kendall Nelson, Taryn Rave, Derrik Long Soldier, Jennifer Eberly, Wall Ambulance Service, George Conroy, James Coats, Frank Conroy & family, Kathy & Butch Beach, Monument Health Hospital & Dr. Woz, Tacian & Paulie Osterberg, Sam Stone, Jessica Heart, Amelia Bettelyoun, Karen Zirkie, Meko Doyle, Augustina Collins, Tamara & Todd Thorson, Cynthia Plenty Bull, Ryan Conroy, Jewels Quiver & Delane Edwards, Beth Good & family, Hannah Amiotte, Donna Amiotte & family, Class of 2010, and Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD