Travis Connot of Niobrara National Scenic River Named River Management Society Resource Manager of the Year


NPS Photo/Bobbie Roshone– Susan Cook handing award to Travis Connot

Niobrara National Scenic River Resource Manager Travis Connot was awarded Resource Manager of the Year by the River Management Society on June 6, 2024. This is a prestigious national award.  “Travis Connot lives the park motto of “We take care for the river by helping our landowners care for their land.”  His work is innovative and forward thinking as he strives to ensure this river’s resources are protected for future generations” stated Superintendent Cook.

The River Management Society supports professionals who study, protect and manage North America’s rivers.  It is the nation’s premier network connecting those who work on and for rivers with their river professional peers, including outfitters and guides, rangers, planners and landscape architects, fluvial geomorphologists, environmental lawyers and policymakers, students, professors, researchers and authors. 

This award recognizes contributions that are field-oriented and location-specific, with a focus on recent accomplishments including:

·Provided leadership in promoting and protecting natural, cultural, or recreational resources;

·Worked effectively and cooperatively with other agencies, user groups, private landowners, and/or general public;

·Established or re-established key partnerships to protect and manage the river corridor;

·Created an effective, professional, and enjoyable working environment; 

·Worked to protect one or more rivers within the context of their watershed and beyond designated lines on a map;

·Created and established new and innovative approaches to river management, advancing the field and creating new enthusiasm; and/or

·Shows strong dedication and commitment towards advancing and improving river management into the future.

NPS Photo/Susan Cook– Travis collecting data for water quality on the Niobrara NSR

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