Trevin Vasquez


Funeral services for 19-year old Trevin Vasquez are Monday, November 8, 2021 at 11:00 at the American Horse School in Allen, SD, with Pastor Tim Wardell officiating, and traditional Lakota services by Mr Justin Poor Bear & Mr Quentin Red Bear

Burial is at the First Body of Christ Cemetery in Yellow Bear-Allen.

A two-night wake service starts Saturday, Nov 6, at 1:00 also at the American Horse School

Trevin Mato Qi Vasquez β€œMato Qi” was born on September 4, 2002 in Pine Ridge, SD to Dario Vasquez, Jr. and Harolyn Brown Bear. Trevin made his journey to the Spirit World on October 30, 2021 in Rapid City, SD.

Trevin was a very well known student-athlete who excelled in both academics and athletics. He participated in all sports, but football was his passion. 

Every season he put in extra work outside of practice to stay in shape and become the best he could be. He also motivated his close friends to get better. 

Trevin attended American Horse School and Little Wound High School. He covered a lot of ground in such a short time and will be missed very much by his family and friends.

Trevin is survived by his parents, Dario & Marietta Vasquez Jr; siblings Lamia (Tristan Fast Horse), Latasha, Dario III, Donovan, & Chloe Vasquez, Malia Brown Bear, Carl Janis Jr, Juanita (Trey Stewart)  Deaton, Darion Plenty Arrows, Miyah (Dustin Gourd) Means, Priscilla Means, Contessa Vasquez, and Reuben, Freedom, Dakota, Katch, Romero, DeZire, & Dante Means; uncles George (Grace) Respects Nothing and Lyle Respects Nothing, and Oliver Brown Bear; auntie β€œmom,” Consuelo (Frank) Means; aunts Nancy Brown Bear and Wenona Brown Bear; grandparents, Anna Mae Brown Bear, Dario Vasquez Sr, and Mario Vasquez Sr; nieces Ambriella & Aviana Long Soldier, Larissa, Ariana & Leighana Cottier, and numerous cousins. 

Trevin was preceded in death by his grandparents, Sharon Pretty Hip-Respects Nothing and Harold Brown Bear Sr; and uncles, Raymond Brave Bird Sr and Jesse Vasquez.

Pallbearers will be Deryck Two Bulls, Brendon Poor Bear, Darion Plenty Arrows, Rueben Means, Marty One Horn, Martin One Horn, Alonzo Lamont, Mauricio Curry, Gabe Long Soldier, Jahmal DuBray, Keanue Brave Bird, Jyles Salomon, Dillion Cuny, Wakinyan Cuny, James Pratt, Jacory Bettelyoun, and Lucas Pourier.

Honorary pallbearers will be American Horse School Staff, Students, and School Board, Little Wound School Staff, Students, and School Board, Pine Ridge and Red Cloud peers, Bennett County peers, All past & present Cross Country, Football, and Basketball players, Nick Shiver, Sharei Ricketts, Shaunna Hunter, Charles Cuny & family, Marla Herman, Dawn Janis, Hermus Bettelyoun, Bim Pourier, Justin Poor Bear & family, Faith Richards & family, Carlos Plenty Arrows, Mylez Means, Gloria Kitopolus, Jodi Richards & family, Tim & Kim Wardell, Julia Cunningham, Lindsey Langdon, Jacob Ponkratz, Bar Haas, Lance Christensen, Sr & Lance Christensen, Jr. & family, Steph Kindle & family, Mona Gutierrez & family, Sonja Brave Bird & family, Tim Lone Elk & family, Linn Little Whiteman, Bruce Yellow Wolf, Shilo Krowlkowski, Grace DuBray, Jon Kills Small & family, Twila Fast Wolf & family, Jerilyn Fast Wolf & family, Quentin Red Bear, Pamela Attack Him, Jessica Rowland & family, Carol Rouillard & family, Latrell Plenty Arrows, Jay Helper, Gerald Long Soldier, Jr., Nichelle Long Soldier, Marletta Soldier Wolf, Doris Respects Nothing, Eddie Jumping Eagle, Jr., Frank Yellow Hawk, Myrna Hornbeck, Georgia Hornbeck, Waniyetu Yellow Cloud, John Rendeau, Heather Spotted Eagle & family, Henrietta Kindle, Marissa Around Him, Gus Yellow Hair, Gary Bemet, Kimberly Long Soldier & family, Tionna Pourier, Andres DuBray, Heather Spotted Eagle & family, Sarah Means, Samantha Means, Julie Bad Wound, Lavera Armet, Ralph Bear Killer IV, Sific Pretty Hip, Bianas Family and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD