Trump Says He Will Meet With Cheney Challengers, Wants Only One On 2022 Ballot

      Donald Trump says he will meet next week with Republicans running against Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney next year and endorse one of them in the next few months. 

     The former president isn’t saying who of the 7 announced challengers will meet with him in New Jersey, only that his goal is to have only the strongest remain in the race and for the others to support his choice.

       State Senator Anthony Bouchard, the first to announce for the race, has raised the most money of the challengers but told the Washington Examiner Tuesday that he hadn’t been invited yet to meet with Trump.

        Bouchard said he agreed completely with the former president that her opponents are stronger against Cheney with only 1 candidate, but made it clear he feels he should be “the one.”

      Bouchard has raised more than $500,000 so far from supporters that include more than a thousand Wyoming Republicans, which he calls “more than 10 times the total of all the other challengers combined,

      He says it shows he’s the only candidate with any measurable grassroots support and that his thousand-plus donors is “likely more Wyoming citizens than Liz Cheney has ever even met in her visits from her home state of Virginia.”

       Bouchard had about $108,600 in cash-on-hand at the end of June, leaving him third among the challengers behind State Representative Chuck Gray and attorney Darin Smith. 

      Gray has raised $93,000 and loaned his campaign nearly $300,000 for $323,000 cash-on-hand at the end of June. Smith raised $177,000 since launching his campaign in May and had $142,000 in cash-on-hand.

      Cheney raised almost $1.9-million dollars in the first half of this year and had $2.8-million cash-on-hand at the end of June. ‘