Two Men Found Guilty Of 2016 Murder In Pine Ridge


    A federal jury in Rapid City has found 2 men guilty of murder in the 2016 shooting death of a man on the Pin Ridge Reservation.

     Adan Corona and Francisco Villanueva face up to life in prison when they’re sentenced for 1st-degree premeditated murder, felony murder, and cosnspiracy to committ assault in the killin of 29-year old Vinny Brewer in Pine Ridge.

      A third defendant, 28-year old Myles Tuttle, took a plea deal 2 years ago and is serving 9 years in prison as an accessory while a fourth defendant, Estevan Baquera is still awaiting trial.

      Prosecutors say Corona, Villanueva, and Baquera tracked down Brewer through social media, then drove from Denver to Pine Ridge to collect a drug debt from him.

      Investigators say the trio was in the process of kidnapping Brewer in front of the SuAnne Big Crow Center in Pine Ridge in October 2016 when he was fatally shot while trying to flee.