UW President Gets New 3-Year Contract


     The University of Wyoming Board of Trustees has approved a new 3-year contract for UW President Ed Seidel, whose original 3-year deal expires at the end of June.

      Seidel currently has a $365,000 base salary, a $60,000 housing allowance, and a $50,000 annual contribution to a deferred compensation plan.

      His new contract starts at $390,000 and rises to nearly $404,000 for the third year while his housing allowance will go up $4,000 over the contract to end at $64,000. 

     Trustees Chairman John McKinley says the board has “taken to heart” feedback from constituents over the several months about President Seidel and was pleased to offer him a new contract.

     McKinley says the trustees look forward to the University “advancing in providing an excellent education for students while moving the state forward in key research areas for the benefit of Wyoming and the region.”

      Seidel says he’s “honored to have the opportunity to continue to lead UW for the next 3 years and proud of the progress we’ve made as a community” over the last 3 years, adding that he approaches her new term “with an even stronger commitment to honoring UW’s heritage and growing to meet our challenges and opportunities. 

      Seidel will be working with a new strategic plan approved by the trustees and developed over the past year with “extensive input” from faculty, staff, students and other stakeholders.

     It identified 5 major objectives for the next 5 years: enhance student success, pursue institutional excellence, provide a supportive community, engage with and serve the state of Wyoming, and cultivate financial stability and diversification.