Winola He Crow


Funeral services for 32-year old Winola He Crow are Wed, Dec 29, 2021 at noon at the Makasan Presbyterian Church Hall in Oglala, SD, with Pastors Eric Sutton & Leon Schwartz officiating and traditional Lakota services by Richard Broken Nose

Burial is at Broken Nose Family Plot on Lakeside Road in Oglala.

A two-night wake service starts Monday, Dec 27, at noon, also at the Makasan Presbyterian Church Hall in Oglala.

Winola Mae He Crow was born on September 12, 1989 in Pine Ridge, SD to Filmore He Crow, Sr. and Jennie Briseno.  Winola made her journey to the Spirit World on December 15, 2021 at the Monument Health Home Plus Hospice in Rapid City, SD.

Winola attended elementary school at Loneman School and went on to Pine Ridge High School.  Winola worked for the Cohen Home and Oglala Elderly Meals Program.  Winola really loved her country music, always singing it, which made the home so unique.  

Winola is survived by her mother, Jennie Briseno; daughter, Angelita He Crow-Thunder Hawk; sons Emilio Red Cloud and Angelo Red Cloud; siblings Evva Briseno, Joan HisLaw, Whitney & Cipriano Sr, Norma & Rueben Two Lance, Mesean & Dewey Two Lance, Mary Two Lance, Julie He Crow, April He Crow, Hattie & Jamie He Crow, Danielle & Red Two Bulls, Edwin-Gina Flute, Wilbur Flute, Joe Briseno, Brandon & Marsha Briseno, David He Crow, Filmore He Crow, Jr., Isaac Two Lance, Dallas & Lillian Two Lance, Brew, Mike & Stane Paddock, and Shawn Nozer Espinosa; grandparents Richard & Linda Broken Nose and Nason Back; aunts & uncles Sarah & Tom Paddock, Louella Broken Nose, Alvina & Lloyd Pickett, Jewel & Hugh Blacksmith, Phyllis Tobacco, and Tim He Crow; and significant other Marcus Red Cloud.

Winola was preceded in death by her father Filmore He Crow, Sr.; grandparents Ole & Dorothy Broken Nose, Robert He Crow, and Ida Tobacco; aunts Norma LaSarge and Della Mae He Crow; uncles Larry He Crow, Gary Tobacco, Leroy Broken Nose, Vincent “Chop” Two Lance; siblings Robert He Crow, Donald Flute, and Pam He Crow; and niece Darelyn Mills.

Pallbearers will be Charles “Chuck” Barrett, Curtis Barrett, Mahpiya Briseno, Hoksila Briseno, Thomas Mills, Sheldon Flute, Jason Flute, Christian “Sonny” Lakota, Teton “Nunu” Lakota Jr, and Brandon Briseno, Jr.

Special pallbearers will be Xanthus Briseno, Cruz Briseno, Leighton Brewer, Marquez Two Lance, Kassion Two Lance, Xavier Two Lance, Rueben & Roman Looks Twice, Uriah & Wocekiya Two Lance, Houstan Goings, Tatum Briseno, Silas Red Cloud, Cipriano Jr, Joe Briseno IV, David & Blaize He Crow, Marvin & Stephan Ross, Sheldon & Casey He Crow, Hoksila Broken Nose, Dohmay Flute, and Bradley Briseno.

Honorary pallbearers will be Lynn Afraid of Bear, Marion Red Cloud, Jeremy Afraid of Bear, George Afraid of Bear, Jess Red Cloud, Jerilyn Red Cloud, Maranda Red Cloud, Bill “Giggles” Lone Hill, Opal Red Cloud, Carrie & Mario Rowland, Vicki Little Moon, Leandra Red Cloud, Ronald & Moby Red Cloud, Louise Enos, Joyce Goings & Family, Sally Goings & Family, Nita & Frank Starr, Brian Starr & Family, Ivis Long Visitory & Family, Charlotte Frogg, Teton Lakota, Cydney Fast Wolf, Melanie Briseno, Joe Walking & Family, Shawna Rowland, Joe White Bear Claws, Sue Arrendondo, Ryan & Starlite Blacksmith, Asa Wilson, Deb Red Star & Sandy, Edwina, Ellen, & Lance Fills Pipe, Bobbi Martin & Chris Tobacco, Berta Little Spotted Horse, Marci One Feather, Tom, Suzette, Jen, Sky Hawk, Charlie, & Lois Thunder Hawk, Wendy Backs, Heidi Martin, Betty & Christine Lajtay, Mary & Ted Lame, Natalie Lame-Chito, Calendra & Calesta, Hinhan, Lynn, Gayla, & Toni Loud Hawk, Selena Cruz, Charles “Buzz” Barrett, Bobbi Jo & Pam Tobacco, Sarah Nichols, Tracy He Crow, Casey & Frenchee Romero, June Brave Heart, Brenda Youngman, Brenda & Stanton Bad Milk, June Brave Heart, Yvonne Crow, Nancy Rouillard, Virginia Iriving, Amos Young Dog Jr, Dorothy Brown Bear, Leah Brown Bear, Amaris & Dan Swallow, Myron Shield & Family, Sonja Pappala Papp John, Kim Stone, Donnie Slow Bear, Kay Blacksmith, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD