10 Undocumented Individuals Stopped Near Kimball, 9 Allowed To Go On


      The Nebraska State Patrol says when troopers pulled over an SUV the afternoon of April 19 on I-80 near Kimball for speeding, they found 2 Arizona residents in the front seat and 10 undocumented individuals from Honduras and Guatemala in the back seat.

    KNEB News says the State Patrol and local agencies contacted federal authorities and were told to release the undocumented individuals unless they had committed a crime.

    One of them, Alejandros Castillo Padilla, ran from the scene but was caught. He was arrested when a records check showed he’d been deported 10 times and in 2011 had been banned from re-entry into the U-S for 20 years. 

     Castillo Padilla is now facing local charges that include obstruction and will likely be deported for the 11th time. The others were allowed to continue on what they said was a trip from Arizona to Chicago.

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  1. Good grief. Following/obeying the rule of law has kept the citizenry of the United States stable and productive for over 200 years. Ignoring it is destroying us.

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