Independent Poll Shows Virtual 3-Way Tie In GOP Race For Governor


     A new independent poll shows the top 3 candidates in the Republican primary for governor of Nebraska remain in a statistical tie with nearly 20 points separating those 3 and the other 6 in the race.

      The Neilan Strategy Group poll puts State Senator Brett Lindstrom at 28%, University of Nebraska Regent Jim PIllen at 26%, and agribusinessman Charles Herbster at 24%.

Next is former State Senator Theresa Thibodeau at 6%

      The survey taken April 18-19 of 858 likely Republican voters has a 4.9% margin of error. With the margin between the three leaders less than that, it’s a statistical tie.

      The numbers are similar to those done 2 weeks ago for the Lindstrom campaign that had him tied with Pillen at 27% while Herbster was at 23%. It was obtained by the Nebraska Examiner, which also released the new poll.

     Neilan Strategy owner Pierre Neilan told the Examiner his political and government affairs firm paid for the poll itself – not a candidate, client, or campaign.

     It’s the first one released since 8 women, including State Senator Julie Slama,  accused Herbster of groping or kissing them against their will, but was taken before he sued Slama for defamation and she counter-sued.

      Neilan’s survey included questions based on current or expected negative ads against Herbster, Pillen, and Lindstrom. 

     49% said they were less likely to vote for someone accused of groping 8 women and 42% were less likely to vote for one caught polluting the water – an accusation made in Herbster ads against Pillen. 

       43% said they were less likely to vote for someone who voted to raise the gas tax as Lindstrom did in 2015, a fact featured in attack ads against him funded by a third-party group.

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  1. The Nebraska Examiner was just created in January of this year. It has deep ties to the Orr family and Ricketts, this poll is not an unbiased poll, I am surprised that Herbster did and well as he did on this so called Poll. The swamp is deep in Nebraska we have been learning. Herbster doesn’t owe anyone here, he is financing his own campaign. I don’t believe any of this rubbish about Herbster, he is being Kavanaghed, just like Groene was,

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