Authorities Release Name Of Armed Man Arrested After Chadron Manhunt


      We now know more about Friday night’s nearly 5-hour law enforcement search across the south end of Chadron for a man with a gun, including his name.

36-year-old Warfield High Hawk of Chadron was taken into custody without incident shortly before 11:00 pm

       High Hawk is being held on 10% of $500,000 bond on 4 felony counts: Theft of a firearm, Possession of a deadly weapon by a prohibited person, Unlawful possession of a firearm at a school, and Terroristic threats. 

     He also faces a misdemeanor count of Obstructing a peace officer with additional charges from the ongoing investigation a possibility.

      Chadron Police Lt Gabriel Walz says Chadron officers responded to Memorial Park at 10th and Shelton about 6:00 pm following a call of an active shooter in the area. The officers learned the suspect, later identified as High Hawk, was armed with a rifle and walking southbound across the east end of the Chadron State College campus. 

       He was not actively shooting at any citizens or law enforcement during this time, so officers followed as he moved on to the west. He did fire several rounds at various times and locations, but always into the air or into the ground.

       More officers and resources were requested and multiple agencies responded with officers, drones, thermal cameras, canine units, and armored vehicles. A Code Red alert was sent to residents asking them to shelter in place, lock their doors, and stay calm with Chadron State College ordering a lockdown for those still on campus.

     Lt Walz says after officers spent some 4 hours trying to contact High Hawk and get him to drop the rifle, he was met by a team of officers with a canine as he walked in the Hidden Valley area. He then surrendered without incident.

     Walz emphasizes that no one was injured and no law enforcement officers from any agency fired their weapons at any time. He thanks the citizens of Chadron for their cooperation and patience. 

      Chadron police were aided by 9 other agencies: the Dawes, Sheridan, and Scotts Bluff County Sheriff’s Offices; Nebraska State Patrol; Alliance Police Dept; WING Drug Task Force; Chadron State College Security; Nebraska Game and Parks; and the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation. 

7 thoughts on “Authorities Release Name Of Armed Man Arrested After Chadron Manhunt”

  1. Calling out to me, I didn’t even leave a message here.

    I am not afraid to post my name, apparently you are… racist coward.

  2. I knew Warfield he was a good man! His intentions was to never hurt anyone. He has a big heart and my heart is shattered that he thinks the world is better off without him! Prayers For WARFIELD

  3. attempted suicide by cop. dude needs help not half a million dollar bail and 4 felonies . unfortunately when you only fund hammers, everything is treated like a nail.

  4. Sam – yes, he does need help… but he committed crimes and was given the felonies for HIS action. Would you rather he just walks free to do this again if he chose to? You were quick to argue what was wrong but offered absolutely NO solution. It is easy to point a finger and blame others when you don’t agree… but, apparently you don’t know what else to do either. Calling out the “hammers”… I say the “hammers” didn’t even swing on this one. They didn’t shoot him, even when he posed a high risk to the community and our police. I don’t know you “Sam” but since we are just making bold, unbacked, assumptions – continue sitting on the sidelines throwing your world class advice and blaming everyone but the offender. You are part of the problem in our society where nobody is wrong… except those you don’t share a common belief with.

    • Kyle, it has only been a few weeks since the city council changed the gun laws in Chadron, making it illegal to shoot guns in city limits. Sam nailed it when he guessed Warfield was hoping for suicide via police.

      • Now Warfield will have meals and a bed for a while.
        And if he gets to work while in jail, funds will go to his family as he wanted.

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