Suspect In Chadron Armed Robbery Remains At Large


      The investigation continues into the robbery of Chadron Federal Credit Union by a man armed with a handgun on Friday afternoon. 

       Chadron Police Lt Gabriel Walz says the suspect remains at large despite an extensive search that lasted over 3 hours before being suspended when an active shooter incident began on the south side of Chadron.

      Lt Walz says employees at the Credit Union told officers that the man walked in about 2:30, had a conversation with the teller, then pulled out a pistol from his hooded sweatshirt.

     The man demanded money, then left with an undisclosed amount of cash, and headed northeast on foot. The alarm was sounded and multiple officers arrived before canvassing the area for the gunman and any potential evidence. 

      Lt Walz says the police department issued a Code Red alert to residents and businesses warning that the suspect was armed and dangerous.

      Social media posts were used to spread a still photo of the suspect taken from security video at the Credit Union with a request for assistance in identifying the man and his location.

       Walz says authorities are still asking the public for helping in determining the suspect’s name and location or for any information about seeing him on Friday.

      Walz emphasizes that the man is considered armed and dangerous, so anyone who knows or sees him should not approach him but instead contact law enforcement immediately. 

    Lt Walz says the Chadron Police Department is receiving help in investigation from the FBI, Nebraska State Patrol, WING Task Force, and Dawes County Sheriff’s Office. 

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