Car Totaled In Fire


A customer’s car was totaled in a car fire at Wahlstrom Ford’s Wednesday afternoon.

Chadron Fire Chief Branden Martens said the 2019 Ford Escape was sitting unattended in the parking lot of the car dealership when someone noticed the fire. The department responded with four trucks and about 20 firemen just after 2 p.m. to put out the blaze.

The cause of the fire is undetermined at this time.

9 thoughts on “Car Totaled In Fire”

  1. My guess would be that the fire didn’t care what car it was…. Also, your statement is somewhat vague. What are you alluding to, should they have not owned a car, do these people not need cars? How is a car fire imperative to your statement?

  2. Great guess and incredible questions!! Also, thank you to the firefighters and CVFD as a whole. 20 volunteers responding on a weekday afternoon fire is very impressive!

    To answer these questions – from my point of view:
    Maybe they shouldn’t have owned a car if it was just going to catch fire… but I am sure they have the car because they did in fact need it. And I do believe that the car fire is quite imperative to my statement.

  3. Dear some dude,

    You have put a smile on my face and I thank you for this. I hope you continue to brighten the world of those around you.

  4. Well said, kiddo!

    It sure is great to be a Chevy driving, gun toting, love-to-my-wife-missionary-style-with-the-lights-off-making, heterosexual European American, isn’t it?

    The next time you go out and I see you around town (and not the other fella.. who has your name, too.) I would be honored to purchase you a non Anheuser-Busch product and further discuss how the Ford company produces poorly engineered, fire-prone, pieces of junk!

    Gotta go for now, almost time for church!

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