Chadron Recycling Monthly Collection Begins Today


     This morning is the first of the monthly recycling events in Chadron to collect recyclables that will be taken to the Keep Alliance Beautiful recycling center in Alliance.

   Keep Chadron Beautiful director Susan Hucke says the collection site is Nebraska Bank at 2nd and Chadron Avenue.

Chadron had a recycling program for office paper, newspaper, cardboard, plastic, and aluminum cans for many years, but dropped all but cardboard and office paper because volume and distance made the other items economically unfeasible. 

    Hucke says when her Alliance counterpart offered to take Chadron items, a town hall meeting came up with the idea of the monthly events to bring recyclables to one location so volunteers could take them to Alliance. All types of items will be accepted.

Hucke asks that recyclables be clean with no food scraps. They don’t have to be sorted, but doing so would help the processing in Alliance. 

     Hucke strongly suggests having aluminum cans separate because a local resident will have a compactor on hand to crush large numbers into bales for easier storage and shipments.