Commissioner Says Extension Office Important Part Of Dawes County


Dawes County Commissioner Jake Stewart told KSCR News on Thursday that contrary to rumors that have been circulating in recent weeks, the Dawes County Extension office isn’t going anywhere.

Commissioner Stewart gathered that rumors swirled due to the low number of staff members currently in the extension office.

Stewart says the office is currently down to two employees in Dawes County, but has educators and contributors from surrounding counties that assist in what the Dawes County Extension is out to achieve in the educating of area students and residents in a variety of fields.

Stewart went on to say that the Extension Office plays a big part in Dawes County 4-H as it continues to see a rise in numbers of participants.

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  1. FYI – Nebraska Extension is acutely aware of the vacancies for Educators in the Dawes County Extension office. Extension administration and I are working with the Dawes County Extension Board to fill two search committees being formed to review applicants as we prepare to search for candidates for the two open positions.

  2. As Nebraska Extension Zone Coordinator for the Panhandle, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is committed to engaging in every county across Nebraska in eight core program areas. We are current working on filling two vacant position in Dawes County through the search process. We also want to maintain a successful partnership with the Dawes County Commissioners to continue the work of Extension and Engagement for all stakeholders in Nebraska.

    Rob Eirich, Nebraska Extension Engagement Zone Coordinator

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