County Kitchen Co-Owner John Nuno Dead At 43

     John Nuno, general manager and one of the new co-owners of the Country Kitchen Restaurant in Chadron, has died unexpectedly at age 43.

      Nuno, who’d worked at the restaurant for 3 years, had purchased it from longtime owners Randy Horse and Donny Grantham earlier this year with 3 other Country Kitchen employees – Kate Elliott, Wes Roberts, and Zach Turbeville.

      Kate Elliott, a waitress there for 8 years, says Nuno seemed in good health when he began feeling ill on Monday. He went to Chadron Community Hospital, but his condition quickly worsened and he died in the hospital.

     Elliot says Nuno’s death hit the partners and all the employees hard because it was so unexpected and he was so well-liked and respected.

      Nuno’s passing has had little immediate impact on the restaurant. Elliot says Roberts was already sharing some of the general manager duties with Nuno and now has the position fully while she and Turbeville have added some duties as well. 

      Funeral services for John Nuno, who would have been 44 next Friday, are Monday morning at 10:00 at Chamberlain Chapel in Chadron, followed by a reception at the Country Kitchen in The Winery.

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