Harland Dreaming Bear Sr


Funeral services for 54-year old  Harland Victor Dreaming Bear Sr are Saturday, October 30, 2021 at 2:00 at the Dreaming Bear residence, #6 Community in Oglala, SD, with Sister Barb Bogenschutz officiating.

Burial is at Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Cemetery, #6 Community in Oglala/

A one-night wake service starts Friday, October 29, at 11:30 also at the Dreaming Bear residence,

Harland Victor Dreaming Bear Sr was born on May 2, 1967 in Scottsbluff, NE, to Victor Dreaming Bear and Phyllis (Ten Fingers) Dreaming Bear.  Harland Sr made his journey to the Spirit World on October 21, 2021 at the Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center in Sioux Falls, SD.

Harland Sr is survived by his children, Samuel (Dana) Blacksmith, Harland (Jasmine) Dreaming Bear Jr, Felecia (Gene) Dreaming Bear, Aloysius Dreaming Bear, DeAmbra (Steve) Dreaming Bear, Terran (Eugene) Dreaming Bear, Collene (Aaron) Dreaming Bear, Angela (Richard) Dreaming Bear, Fernando Dreaming Bear, Autumn Dreaming Bear, Angel Dreaming Bear, Emma Dreaming Bear, and Quinn Kills Small; siblings, Harold “Pickles” Dreaming Bear, Walter Dreaming Bear, Glenda Black Feather, Frank Rapp, and Patrick “Chick” Ross; and grandchildren, Cassius Blacksmith, Koetay, Braylen, Hayelan, & Kye Dreaming Bear, Koelton, Koevue “Balto” & Koellena “Big Nose” Little, Nahla “Tazmanian” Dreaming Bear, Laylah “My Love” Dreaming Bear, Taleo “Leo Lion” Running Bear, Demariius Martin, Amillia Martin, and Milana +1 Smallwood.  

Harland Sr was preceded in death by his parents, Victor and Phyllis Dreaming Bear; paternal grandparents, Herbert Dreaming Bear and Mary Brown Ear Horse; maternal grandparents, Walter Ten Fingers and Emma Gillespie; daughter, Tracey Dreaming Bear; siblings, Anita Dreaming Bear, Fernando “Copes” Dreaming Bear, Tiny Baby Dreaming Bear, Victor Dreaming Bear Jr, David “Babe” Dreaming Bear and Stuart “Stu” Dreaming Bear.

Pallbearers will be Conway New Holy, Mac Hinton, Danny Boy Tobacco, Zack Rapp, Riley Rapp, Clarence “JR” Rouillard, Cass Waters, Evans “JR” Youngman, Ben Scabby Face, and Chet Crow.

Honorary pallbearers will be Kim & Julie Trevillyan & Family, Ty & Cole Trevillyan & Family, Sue Cross Dog & Family, Pat & Patricia Carlow, Mike Carlow, Auntie Kay Provost, Rodney Rouillard & Family, Sam Bravo & Family, John “Sinte” Nelson, Ann Tobacco, DeAnn Dreaming Bear, Curt Crow, Cole Lange & Family, Pat Henry, Donovan Youngman, Dale Youngman, Brenda Youngman & Family, Wendell “Jay” Youngman & Family, Yvonne “Sissy” Crow & Family, Ken Youngman, Louella, Lisa, Michelle, Lena, Hank, Amy, & Alton Belt & Families, Hank Brings Him Back & Boys, Jo “Spud” Hernandez & Family, Karen Hillman & Family, Delmar & Pam (Belt) Dreaming Bear, Iva Tobacco & Family, Jordon Tobacco & Family, Bill, Jr., Billy Rose, Sodi, Toni, & Kelly Pulliam & Families, Virginia Yankton, Delpha & Leslie Two Bulls & Family, Marge Spider, Sarah Belt, Serena Belt, Orin & Elizabeth Morrison & Family, Orrie Morrison & Family, Lynnette Morrison & Family, Curt & Robert “Baby Mouse” Morrison, Rex & Darlis Crow & Family, Stephan Kills Small & Family, Ariel Blacksmith & Family, Kyleigh Pourier & Family, Rachel Kills Small & Family, Myron “Fry Bread” Warrior, Smallwood Family, Michael “ShaMan” Sierra, Greg & Donna Ross & Family, Janet Tobacco & Family, Kelvert Dreaming Bear, Lorna Slow Bear, Judy Slow Bear & Family, Rachel Chief Eagle, Norbert Bell, Justin “Jay” Helper, Shiela White Face & Family, Deidre, Kim, Shaina, Samantha, Kelsy, Lloyd, & Diondre, Sissetowan Shangreau & Girls, Cashmere Slow Bear, Dee Two Bulls, Sunni Rae Ten Fingers & Family, Richard “Croc” Ten Fingers & Family, Sheryl Her Many Horses, Sherri Ten Fingers & Family, Delores “Dummy”, Denise “Piggy”, Tony, & Bill Ten Fingers & Families, Robert & Delores Two Bulls & Family, Kaymie Blacksmith & Family, Ashley Ten Fingers, Joan Decker Families, Betty Sanders Families, Mary “Miss Mouse” Little Hawk, Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center Staff, Loneman School Staff, and all Friends & Relatives we may have forgotten.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD