Herbster Issues Veiled Threat Of Libel Suits Over Fondling Claims


     Republican gubernatorial candidate Charles Herbster has stepped his denials that he groped 8 women.

The agribusinessman told reporters on Zoom Wednesday that his legal team is preparing for possible libel suits against those making the accusations.

     Herbster stopped short of promising action, saying instead that the matter had been turned over to a law firm used by former President Trump and that litigation holds have been sent those he blames from what he calls a political character assassination.

     He said those getting the holds, which tell the recipients not to delete any potential evidence, include Gov Pete Ricketts, fellow candidate Jim Pillen, and State Senator Julie Slama.

     Herbster believes Slama, a former Ricketts campaign staffer who was appointed by him to the legislature and is one of the women making the accusations, planted the story with the Nebraska Examiner.

     Herbster mentioned Ricketts and Pillen several times during the Zoom call as targeting his campaign, but did not specifically accuse them of any sort of conspiracy.

       He also said he was releasing a video of his denials and that once it was up, “I’m not going to be focusing on talking about any of these allegations as we go forward,” and would instead “let the lawyers do what they need to do.” 

     Beyond that, Herbster said he’s now focusing on next week’s Trump rally in Greenwood where he’s scheduled to speak and where the ex-president will campaign for him. Trump endorsed Herbster back in October. 

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