John Elwood


No funeral services will be held for 62-year old John Elwood, but some of his ashes will be interred at Evergreen Cemetery in Omaha, NE, while the rest will be scattered in the Ozarks where he enjoyed riding his bike. 

John Jay Elwood was born on February 16, 1961, in Rapid City, SD. to Vernon Leroy (Jack) Elwood and Joan Shirley (Matthies) Elwood. He passed in his sleep on July 2, 2023, at his home in Hollister, MO. 

John spent most of his formative years in Chadron, NE, and grew up with dirt bikes and rodeo. He loved mechanics and worked on any car or motorcycle he could. When he was a teen, he learned to custom paint cars in his friendโ€™s shop.

John later custom-built motorcycles, but also did construction work. He customized a Greyhound bus that became his home on wheels. Of course, it was painted black and orange Harley Davidson colors. 

John traveled the country, living in many different places and making a lot of special friends along the way.

John had his own way of living. There are some who have nothing but bad to say about him and others that have nothing but good to say about him. 

We all have good and bad in us. John spoke his mind and people knew where he stood. He was fiercely loyal and protective of those he loved. He was a friend to those who needed understanding the most.

John had a learning disability that was not diagnosed until he was an adult and he finally learned how to read. He struggled with drug addiction, but was able to overcome this demon in his life. 

John hit rock bottom more than once, but always pulled himself up. He was loving and compassionate to his extended family.

John is survived by his sister Lea Elwood Moore of Omaha; his son Cody Hartness of Charleston, SC; his daughter Tony Hartness of Boise, ID; and 2 grandchildren.

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