Louis Winters Sr


Funeral services for 85-year old Louis Anthony Winters Sr are Wed, Jan 26, 2022 at 10:00 at the T&T Center in Wanblee, SD, with the Rev John Two Bulls officiating and traditional Lakota services by Mr Sam Moves Camp and Mr Larry Swalley

Burial is at the Winters Family Cemetery in Bear Creek, SD

A two-night wake service will be held. The first night starts at 11:00 AM, Mon, Jan 24, at 11:00 at Joyner Hall in Pine Ridge, SD. The second night is Tues, Jan 25, starting at 1:00 at the T&T Center in Wanblee.

Louis Anthony Winters Sr was born on January 22, 1936 in Pine Ridge, SD to Alex Winters and Leona (Richards) Winters. Louis made her journey to the Spirit World on January 18, 2022 at his home in Pine Ridge, SD. He was a veteran of the U-S Navy.

Louis is survived by his spouse, Melvina Winters; children, Louis Winters Jr, Constance Winters (Charles Vern Clifford), Kevin Winters, Joseph (Judy) Winters, & Esther (Isaac Santistevan) Winters, All of Pine Ridge, SD, Bernadette Denny (Reynold Jr) of White Clay, NE, Vesta (John) Rouillard of Oglala, SD, Dashawn Long Soldier, and Courtney Warrior; and Hunka children, Frida Kay (Dean) Patton & Credance Brown Bull, both of Pine Ridge, SD, Jeffrey (Linda) Viken of Rapid City, SD, Lynette (Phillip Whiteman Sr) Two Bulls, Doreen (Robert) Runnels; siblings, Eugene “Gino” (Phyllis) Winters and Anita Winters-Brown; special granddaughter, Danika Winters, and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Louis was preceded in death by his parents, Alex Winters and Leon (Richards) Winters; daughter, Lois Ann Winters; and siblings, Herman Winters, Leo Winters, Ellen Moves Camp, Dorothy Mae Richards, Delores Schrader, Alma Winters, Bertha Two Bulls, Charles Winters, Willard Winters, Adeline Esther Winters, Lucille “Poxy” Winters, and Ellen Winters; and grandchildren, Kaiden Winters, Baby Shay, Baby Denny, Melvin Don Shay, and Baby Charles Clifford. 

Pallbearers will be Charles Louis Clifford, Dereese Shay, Herman Denny, Isaac Santistevan Jr., Deven Winters, Oshea Winters, Louis Winters III, Alex Winters, Akia Winters, Michael Winters, Carlos Winters, and James Toyer Brown.

Honorary pallbearers Reynold Denny, Jr., Isaac Sanastevens, Charles Vern Clifford, Tom Daschle, Tim Johnson, Honorable Jeffery & Linda Lea Viken, Tim Giago, Connie Twiss & Family, Raedean Red Shirt & family, Candy Red Shirt & family, Darrel (Guppy) Red Shirt, Lena Belt, Ronald & Donald Blue Bird, Douglas Matthews, Cindy Matthews, Suzanne Freyta, Joann Matthews, Leon Matthews, William “Shorty” Brewer & family, Harold Brewer, Sr., Vincent Brewer, Jr., Mike Brewer & family, Melissa Iron Cloud, Bam Brewer, Tony Brewer, Jerry Bordeaux, John Bordeaux, Mike Bordeaux, John (Ella) Carlow & family, Richard “Scheech” Greenwald, Nellie & John Long, Nichole & Ann Prairie Chicken, Francis Tzeremes, Kimberly Brings, Fred & Janet Stands (Sons of the Oglala’s) John Yellow Bird Steele & Family, Allie Bad Heart Bull & Family, Roberta Ecoffey & family, Margie Murdock & Family, Mary Ellen Red Shirt & Family, Robert Ecoffey, Florence Ladeaux, Pat Janis, Josh Steele, Collen Steele, Roseann Ladeaux, Joy Brewer, Freida Brewer, Sylas Janis, Joseph (Jo Bat) Richards Sr., Gerald Dean Janis, Collette High Bull & Family, Lorelei Exendine & Family, Sissy & Cedric Good House, Jodi & Frankie Rave, Ellen Holly, Charlene Fell Staples, Gina Red Hair, Angie Shangreaux, Cindy Mayes, Heather Brehmer, Michelle (Peaches) Yellow Bird, Taylor Miner, Calvin Red Owl, Dedra Walkazoo, Rodney & Cecily Spotted Elk, Kristy Tapio, Audie & Gene Eagle Bull, Terry Spoon Hunter, Sophie Jealous of Him, Alvin, Leroy & Angie Ghost, Oliver “Schoot” Janis, Patti & Rick Shangreaux, Letoy & Dale Tapio, Tiny Decory, Veronica “Vee” Garnier, Cora Janis, Francine Janis, Eddie Richards, Mona Lisa Richards, Millie Richards, Eileen Janis, Violet Bissonette & Family, John “Coco John” Tibbitts Susan Schrader & Family, Lisa Schrader & Family, Charlie Schrader, All of Diane Schraders Children, Jude Dillon, Sr., Emma Swalley & Family, Larry Swalley & Family, Victor Swalley, Anita & Reed Brown & Family, Jerome High Horse & Family, Carmelita & Cecil Bear Robe, Annie Red Elk & Family, Between Lodge Family, Alfreda & Dean Patton & Family, Stephanie Apple & Family, Jennifer Richards & Family, James Richards & Family, Filmore Richards, Tonya Richards, Beaver Richards & Family, Geno & Phyllis Winters & Family, Mona Lafferty, Delores Lafferty, Robert Lafferty, Candy Winters, Charles Winters, Diane Winters Clifford & Family , Donna Winters-Marshall & Family , Dwight Winters, Cassie winters & Family, Shannon Winters, Deidra Winters & Family, Marjorie Winters & family, Lois winters & family, Farrah Winters & Family, Carry Winters, James winters & Family, Eugene Winters, Stacey Winters, Kelly Winters & Family, Sherilynn Jones, Germaine Moves Camp & Family, Sam Moves Camp & Family, Michael Moves Camp & Family, Jenny Richards & Family, Weldon Two Bulls, Chasity & Marvin Little Hawk & Family, Rochelle Seminole, Zach Two Bulls, Ashely Two Bulls, Shellie Two Bulls, Doreen Two Bulls-Runnels & Family, Tia, Tylee, Tanaya Two Bulls, Tyra Janis, Lynette Two Bulls, Krystal & Kyla Two Bulls, Chief Phillip Whiteman Jr, George Cuny, Autumn Conroy, Ohinniyan Giago, Sheena Between Lodges, Elgin Young Bear & Family, Sonya Two Bulls & Family, Dayton John Two Bulls & Family, Matthew Two Bulls III & Family, Sylvester Two Bulls, Sr & Family, Tammy Rousey & Family, Ladean Winters & Family, Wayne & Donna Randall, Francis Ashley, Sonya Little Hawk-Weston & Family, Belva Mesteth, Chuck & Janet Hinn & Family, Ester Black Elk and Family, Pansy Two Bulls & Family, Clarence Janis, Marilyn Red Cloud, Misty Dillon, Jeremey Watters, Shannon Waters, Calvin Waters, Shannon & Lymonita Brave, Billy & Jay Janis, Mary Jacobs, Ohma & Joey Linihan, Barbra Linihan, Mickey Richards, Amy Red Cloud, Vanessa Red Cloud & Family, Lovy Two Bulls & Family, Francis Two Bulls, Robert Two Bulls, Lillian Tobacco, Blossom Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Chris Eagle Hawk, Thelma, Luke, Bobbi & Phil Polid, Dennis Brewer, Danny & Dusty Nason, All Two Bulls Family, Winters Family, Richards Family, Red Cloud Family, Janis Family, Brewer Family, Martin Family, Pourier Family, Ecoffey Family, Red Shirt Family, Sitting Up Family, Red Willow Family, Goings Family, Clifford Family, Youngman Afraid of His Horse Family, Black Bear Family, Tobacco Family, Mills Family, Rousey Family, Murdock Family, Hunka Family, All foster children that were placed with Children Village, OST Public Safety, OST Veterans program, Child Care program, LOWO Program, Department of Social Services, OST Victim Services program, Prairie Wind Casino, All Nurses & Staff at IHS, Still Water Hospice of South Dakota, OST Emergency Management Covid task force, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD

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  1. Rest in peace, louis. May your soul rest in peace. May your soul and the souls of all the dearly departed rest in peace. Amen. I have known Louis for 50 years since I worked at the Auto store in Rushville. I am not afraid to say a nicer person would be hard to come by. My condolences to his family. May he look down on you.

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