Nebraska State Patrol Kept Busy By Winter Weather Thursday


      The Chadron area wasn’t the only part of Nebraska to get a dose of winter weather on Thursday, 

      One type of winter precipitation or another hit just about all sections of Nebraska, resulting in Nebraska State Troopers responding to over 150 weather-related incidents.

     Throughout the day, troopers investigated 46 crashes, performed 78 motorist assists, and assisted other agencies with 24 responses. 

    There were no fatalities, but a Nebraska Dept of Transportation employee was hit by a vehicle as he was working at an accident scene on Interstate 80 near Sutherland. 

      He was out of his vehicle at the time of the crash and was transported to the hospital where he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

       Nebraska State Patrol Superintendent Colonel John Bolduc says “The people on the roads responding to crashes are always at a higher risk of being struck or in a secondary crash,” so he’s asking motorists to use extra caution.

      Bolduc says we’re still at the beginning of winter weather, so he’s urging all Nebraskans to “get into the winter driving mindset now. Slow down, drive to the conditions, and move over for those working on the road.”

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