NPPD’s Wholesale Rates Among Lowest In Nation


Nebraska Public Power District’s (NPPD) wholesale electric rates continue to rank among the lowest in the country.

In 2016, NPPD comparing its rates to others in the nation through a database of more than 800 electric utilities. In 2020, NPPD met its goal to be in the top 25% for lowest rates, ranking in the 23rd percentile. The utility’s ranking has continued to improve since that time, and 2022 figures released this week put it in the 11th percentile.

“Achieving and improving on this goal for three straight years reflects our staff’s commitment to put customers first,” said NPPD President and CEO Tom Kent. “Our team has done a great job at focusing on cost control and outstanding operational performance within our plants and throughout our transmission and distribution systems and has done an excellent job mitigating risk and market volatility for our customers’ benefit. Our team’s focus is essential for our goal to continue providing affordable, reliable, resilient, and sustainable power to our customers.”

NPPD’s wholesale rates have remained steady for six straight years. NPPD has wholesale contracts with 37 municipalities and 23 public power districts and cooperatives across the state.  

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  1. Perhaps but the taxes are not. There are three taxes on ones service just like ones phone bill.
    Natural Gass Bill and the list is without end! At one time the people knew that taxes were theft. The Boston tea party folks knew and said no to a tax on tea. Now look around, there are taxes on everything including ones burial.

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