Old West Trail Rodeo To Take Reins Of “Ride The Ridge”

      The Old West Trail Rodeo in Crawford is taking over as the organizer of the annual Ride the Ride trail ride.

      Yesterday’s Ride was the 30th and last for The Outriders, the group created to start the horseback adventure in 1991, and the sendoff ceremony for the morning ride included the introduction of the new leaders.

     Old West Trail board member Jody Bass told the sendoff that while a few details still need to be finalized, her group is excited to take the torch from The Outriders.

     ((Jody Bass

Bass said the Rodeo is assuming responsibility for the Ride the Ridge Facebook page, which has become the event’s primary source of contact, and urged everyone to keep checking it as more details are finalized.

    ((Jody Bass

At its peak, Ride the Ridge drew upwards of 300 riders, but the count dwindled over the years to generally between 80 and 120 over the past decade.

     Yesterday’s morning ride in the northwest area of Fort Robinson near the Soldier Creek Campground and trailhead drew about 70 riders with the afternoon ride southwest of the Mare Barn Equestrian Center had a similar number.

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  1. So glad to see Ride the Ridge will continue. I plan to support the Crawford Rodeo Board in any way I can. Thank you Rodeo Board/

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