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Sasse Wins Final Approval As University Of Florida President; Will Resign Senate Seat In Jan

       Nebraska Republican U-S Senator Ben Sasse has won final approval to become the 13th president of the University of Florida, capping a swift and sometimes contentious process. 

      He was confirmed for the post by the state university system Board of Governors on a voice vote Wednesday, a day earlier than planned because of Hurricane Nicole.

     Sasse said after the vote that he will resign from the Senate in early January and take over at Florida the next month, tweeting “Thrilled to join Gator Nation in February.”

      Sasse faced student and faculty protests during campus visits last month with his conservative politics the major issue, including his opposition to same-sex marriage.

    He repeated to the governors his pledges not to be involved in partisan politics in any form and to support having people from diverse backgrounds at the school, saying “We want no bullying. We want no intimidation. I want us to be a place that has open hearts and thick skin.”

      Sasse added that vigorous debate over ideas is a key part of the university’s mission and that he wants Florida “to be a place that challenges young men and women with new ideas, even if they are uncomfortable. We want the University of Florida to be a place that embraces debate.”

     The Board of Governors had nothing but praise for Sasse’s selection, with board member Tim Cerio saying the senator has won over many skeptics on campus and adding “People need to listen to him and give him a shot.”

      The University Board of Trustees had unanimously approved Sasse as the school’s next president Nov. 1. Officials said Sasse’s compensation package amounts to about $1.6 million a year.

2 thoughts on “Sasse Wins Final Approval As University Of Florida President; Will Resign Senate Seat In Jan”

  1. When Ben Sasse was on the senate floor Feb 2019 and stated that “women in their 4th trimester were getting abortions” I called his office and asked what is a ‘4th’ trimester. I never got an answer. To think someone this stupid would be president of a university is beyond belief. Or even a senator. Speech available on CSpan archives.


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