Six Individuals Place At Mines Rookie Open

Photo Courtesy/Carter Hattery/CSC Sports Information

Six Chadron State College men’s wrestlers placed at the Mines Rookie Open on Sunday in Golden, Colorado.

“We had a great day,” said CSC Head Men’s Wrestling Coach Brett Hunter. “I knew from the beginning our young guys would do well this year, and today they showed it. There are things we have to improve on, and we will.”

Chadron State runners-up in the tournament were true freshmen Cyrus Wells, at 149 pounds, and Logan Berger, at 165.

Wells won his first four matches, against two Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference opponents, a junior college wrestler, and one club member, to make the finals. There his only loss was to another true freshman from Colorado School of Mines.

Berger won decisive bouts against two junior college men, then a simple decision over an Air Force Academy cadet, to make the finals. Another cadet, Seamus Casey, was the tournament champ, winning 6-0.

Sophomore Darwin Hull was fourth at the event, despite moving up to 184 from the 174-pound class. He dominated in his first two matches against RMAC opponents, before falling by pin in the semifinal round and the third-place match.

At 157 pounds, true freshman Colton Gehlhausen lost his initial match against the Air Force Academy’s Gabe Hawthorne, then ran through the consolations for fifth place. The tournament format was such that Hawthorne advanced to the third-place match and won after losing in the semifinals.

Junior newcomer Bryan Zutavern was another who lost his initial match, against a club competitor. He then pinned his way through the consolations, against a Division I, Division II, and junior college opponent, to get to the fifth-place match. He lost 3-0 to an RMAC opponent there.

At heavyweight, true freshman Nate Meza won his initial match and lost a major decision to the eventual tourney champ in the second round. Wrestling back through the consolations, he lost 3-1 in the finals to an opponent who was sent to consolations by the eventual runner-up. Due to the tourney format, Meza finished sixth.

Sophomore Quade Smith, a varsity wrestler at 125 pounds, redshirt freshman Keegan Gehlhausen, at 184, and true freshman Brandon Paredes, at 149, were pulled prematurely from the tournament, in order to prevent unnecessary injury. The official results show medical forfeits for the three.

The Eagles will send wrestlers to the Cowboy Open at the University of Wyoming on Saturday, for the team’s next competition.

CSC Individual Results:

Hector De La Cruz (CMU) Dec. Cooper Cohee (CSC) (Dec 3-0)
Cooper Cohee (CSC) TF Binyam Barila (WCU) (TF 16-0)
Nico Tocci (Air Force Prep) Dec. Cooper Cohee (CSC) (Dec 7-3)

Quade Smith (CSC) pinned Malachi Gallegos (OJC) (Fall 2:20)
Weston Diblasi (CSM) Dec. Quade Smith (CSC) (SV-1 6-4)

Skyler Geier-Dodson (CSC) Dec. Raiden Harrison (NJC) (Dec 7-5)
Dale Van Matre (ASU) MD Skyler Geier-Dodson (CSC) (Maj 12-3)
Maximus Brabson (WCU) MD Skyler Geier-Dodson (CSC) (Maj 11-3)

Hunter Gilmore (CSC) Dec. Jacob McCarley (WCU) (Dec 5-2)
Bryce Shelton (Air Force) pinned Hunter Gilmore (CSC) (Fall 6:09)
Hunter Gilmore (CSC) Dec. Cael Figueroa (ASU) (Dec 6-4)
Bronson Richins (NJC) pinned Hunter Gilmore (CSC) (Fall 6:47)

Deklyn Miller (NMHU) MD Tayton Ricard (CSC) (Maj 9-0)
Tayton Ricard (CSC) pinned Matt Najera (NMHU) (Fall 4:20)
Alex Castaneda (CMU) pinned Tayton Ricard (CSC) (Fall 4:00)

Brandon Paredes (CSC) Dec. Dakota Taavialma (OJC) (Dec 13-6)
Brandon Paredes (CSC) pinned Colin Brown (NMHU) (Fall 3:30)

Eric Cain (Colby CC) MD Adam Kruse (CSC) (Maj 9-1)
Colin Brown (NMHU) pinned Adam Kruse (CSC) (Fall 4:50)

Cyrus Wells (CSC) MD Rojelio Loya (Colby CC) (Maj 12-2)
Cyrus Wells (CSC) TF Zack Fish (ASU) (TF 18-0)
Cyrus Wells (CSC) TF Niko Mayo (CSM) (TF 16-1)
Cyrus Wells (CSC) Dec. Vincent Cabral (Pomona Elite (PWCC)) (Dec 7-4)
Jakob Smith (CSM) MD Cyrus Wells (CSC) (Maj 9-0)

Gabe Hawthorne (Air Force) pinned Colton Gehlhausen (CSC) (Fall 4:07)
Colton Gehlhausen (CSC) pinned Jacob Robbins (WCU) (Fall 5:23)
Colton Gehlhausen (CSC) Dec. Parker Elliott (CMU) (Dec 7-2)
Colton Gehlhausen (CSC) pinned Dominic Helbok (ASU) (Fall 5:47)
Colton Gehlhausen (CSC) pinned Joshua Arend (NJC) (Fall 1:29)

Wyatt Madole (CSC) pinned Dominic Helbok (ASU) (Fall 3:57)
Joshua Arend (NJC) Dec. Wyatt Madole (CSC) (Dec 15-8)
Casteus Combs (NJC) TF Wyatt Madole (CSC) (TF 17-0)

Cody Thompson (CSM) MD Luke Goncalves (CSC) (Maj 14-4)
Dominic Helbok (ASU) pinned Luke Goncalves (CSC) (Fall 2:01)

Dylan White (CSC) pinned Tj Moffitt (NJC) (Fall 6:36)
Reagan Lefevre (Air Force) pinned Dylan White (CSC) (Fall 3:30)
Casteus Combs (NJC) pinned Dylan White (CSC) (Fall 4:32)

Logan Berger (CSC) pinned Sullivan Sample (NJC) (Fall 2:57)
Logan Berger (CSC) TF James Thomas (Colby CC) (TF 17-1)
Logan Berger (CSC) Dec. Ty Ryan (Air Force) (Dec 9-3)
Seamus Casey (Air Force) Dec. Logan Berger (CSC) (Dec 6-0)

Hayden Burr (CSC) TF Jace Wid (Colby CC) (TF 17-2)
Nico Gagliardi (CSM) MD Hayden Burr (CSC) (Maj 15-5)
Ryan Cody (CSM) pinned Hayden Burr (CSC) (Fall 4:40)

Keegan Gehlhausen (CSC) MD Ryan Cody (CSM) (Maj 13-2)
Drake Buchanan (Air Force) Dec. Keegan Gehlhausen (CSC) (Dec 6-2)

Darwin Hull (CSC) pinned Ben Robuck (CMU) (Fall 1:13)
Darwin Hull (CSC) MD Pratt Williams (WCU) (Maj 15-6)
Garrett Bakarich (CSM) pinned Darwin Hull (CSC) (Fall 0:48)
Nico Gagliardi (CSM) pinned Darwin Hull (CSC) (Fall 2:30)

Kai Argyros (Valiant Prep) MD Bryan Zutavern (CSC) (Maj 12-4)
Bryan Zutavern (CSC) pinned Branson Russell (Sacramento State) (Fall 2:06)
Bryan Zutavern (CSC) pinned Zeke Borunda (NMHU) (Fall 1:32)
Bryan Zutavern (CSC) pinned Logan Bean (NJC) (Fall 1:32)
Braden Baumgartner (CMU) Dec. Bryan Zutavern (CSC) (Dec 3-0)

Morgen Watt (CSC) pinned Jamar Toston (Colby CC) (Fall 2:57)
Dante Pallone (WCU) pinned Morgen Watt (CSC) (Fall 5:30)
Logan Bean (NJC) pinned Morgen Watt (CSC) (Fall 2:31)

Nate Meza (CSC) pinned Charles Holub (CSM) (Fall 6:31)
Antonio Ramos (Air Force Prep) MD Nate Meza (CSC) (Maj 10-1)
Nate Meza (CSC) Dec. Abdias Hernandez (Colby CC) (Dec 3-2)
Nate Meza (CSC) Dec. Ruben Samuelson (CMU) (SV-1 5-3)
Tyler Doyle (CMU) Dec. Nate Meza (CSC) (Dec 3-1)

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