Subway Car Voted “Coolest Thing Made In Nebraska”


      A New York City subway car made at the Kawasaki plant in Lincoln has been voted the Coolest Thing Made In Nebraska” in a month-long contest that drew 20,000 unique votes.

      The Nebraska Manufacturing Alliance created the contest because Nebraskans have trouble understanding the amount of manufacturing done in the state. The idea was to showcase “all the cool things” made in Nebraska. 

        The contest offered 16 products to voters. Making the semi-finals but not the finals were a grain bin safety robot from the Grain Weevil Corporation in Aurora and ducting used in NASA’s 2020 Mars Mission manufactured by Royal Engineered Composites

      The other finalist was Chief Fabrication’s Pivot Walker, which automatically moves center pivot irrigation systems without creating ruts.

       The Kawasaki Rail Car was made to replace aging subway cars in New York City and feature LED lighting, digital displays, and wider doors for smoother boarding and exiting during congestion.

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