Unicameral Passes Bill With12-Week Abortion Ban And Ban On Gender-Affirming Surgery


    The Nebraska Legislature on Friday approved a 12-week abortion ban and restrictions on gender-affirming care for children in a move so contentious that lawmakers on both sides have said they may be unable to work together in the future.

    Conservative lawmakers wrangled just enough votes to end a filibuster and pass a bill with both measures with an emergency clause that allows it to take effect right after it’s signed by Gov. Jim Pillen, who has promised to do so. Pillen pushed for the bill and met with various lawmakers to shore up support.

    Opponents have filibustered every bill, even ones they support, since the transgender bill reached the floor, but the already volatile atmosphere grew even more toxic since the hybrid measure was advanced by one vote on Tuesday.

    Lawmakers continued to trade insults and promises of retribution, while protesters again loudly voiced their displeasure. Debate was briefly stopped when protesters in a chamber balcony stood and yelled obscenities at conservative lawmakers while throwing what appeared to be bloody tampons onto the floor. 

     Security arrested at least one person and cleared the balconies, but as lawmakers began voting, chants of, “Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!” could be heard coming from outside the chamber.

 . The 12-week abortion ban includes exceptions for rape, incest and to save the life of the mother. The ban on gender-confirming surgery for transgender people under 19 does allow puberty blockers and hormone therapies would be allowed under rules to be set by the political appointee serving as chief state medical officer.

      The current appointee is an ear, nose and throat doctor who has expressed opposition to such treatments. The law has some exceptions for minors who were already receiving treatment before the ban was enacted, but the new rules could be worded to cover those individuals as well. 

    Omaha Senator Machaela Cavanaugh, who led the “filibuster everything” effort, declared in March that she would “burn the session to the ground over this bill” and after the bill passed repeated her threat for the closing days of the current session. 

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  1. wanna know why there is a brain drain in Neb? wanna know why people dont want to move here to fill empty jobs? wanna know why there is an urban rural divide? answer: this backwoods bull taking peoples rights away while screaming “freedom”.

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